Samsung Acquires AI Voice Assistant Company "Viv" Developing Siri

Dag Kittlaus Mr. and others who developed the voice assistant "Siri" installed in the iOS device are using the voice recognition AI "VivIn May 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt will completeShow off a demonstrationDid. It was reported that Samsung acquired such Viv.

Samsung rockets into AI fast lane with Viv purchase

Machine Learning by Samsung · Acquisition of Viv will be decided by Samsung, and Samsung will have its own speech recognition lineup of Apple's "Siri", Amazon "Alexa", Microsoft's "Cortana", Google's "Google Assistant" You will have a system. Samsung's Jacopo Lenz said, "Viv brings us an interactive interface that can be applied to our devices," and although we have not decided on what product Viv's technology will be installed on Samsung's smartphone Viv 's voice assistant will be installed in 2017. It is planned to adopt it for other smart TVs as well.

According to IDC, Samsung has a market share of 22%, far exceeding 11% of Apple and 9% of Huawei in the global smartphone market, and Viv will be able to expand through Samsung products. Meanwhile, TechCrunch Disrupt explained that "Next generation voice recognition AI" Viv "that can support multiple questions can be recognized as" icons aligned with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ", but after the acquisition Viv Since it is operated as an independent entrepreneur under the umbrella of Samsung, it seems to be offered as an open platform that can cooperate with developers around the world.

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