I tried to eat the Seven-Eleven Children's Day limited sweets which makes cute seals dulled

Seven - Eleven released May 5 "Children's DayCelebrating, limited sweet "Children's day Kamakura bear chocolate cake"Mackerel mousse cake"Chocolate & Cookie Cream Cake"We sell three points. As a childhood day sweetness, it is becoming a cute looking special cake that the child seems to be pleased, but I was concerned about what kind of taste it is, so I actually bought it and eat it It was.

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That's why I bought it at once. The left is "Muzasu Moose Cake (tax included 328 yen)", the right is "Chocolate & Cookie Cream Cake (tax included 328 yen)". I went around 4 seven-eleven stores, but did not sell "Children's Day Kamakura bear chocolate cake (tax included 1500 yen)".

This is "Asazura Mousse Cake".

The surface of the cake is a mousse of cheese yoghurt, and some mango mousse with mango juice and cookies are contained in it.

Raw materials include cheese and mango puree. The calorie per cake is 229 kcal and the carbohydrate is 18.7 g.

It is like this when taking out of packaging.

The face of the motherfucker is drawn at the top of the moose cake.

About half the size compared with iPhone 6.

So I will eat it at once.

The cake is a ratio of cheese yoghurt mousse and mango mousse with mango juice about 6 to 4, cheese yoghurt mousse has a stronger presence. The cheese yoghurt mousse feels the flavor of sweet and mellow cheese, and mango mousse feels the taste of mango more strongly when you eat mango jelly in it. Because it is a mousse, the mouth feel is very light overall, there is a refreshing flavor of cheese yogurt and mango, it is a cake that can be eaten without a habit.

The cross section of the cake looks like this. It is cookie that is buried in the middle. It is sweeter than the mousse, and the crispy texture that is not in the moose accentuates.

Mango jelly in mango mousse looks like this.

Next I will eat "Chocolate & Cookie Cream Cake".

Chocolate & cookie cream cake has a chocolate plate which imaged a helmet on the top, and the cake is a layer of grassage · chocolate cream · cookie entering white chocolate cream · cocoa sponge.

Raw materials include sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour, milk and so on. Calories per cake is 274 kcal, carbohydrate is 29.3 g. Both Calorie and Carbohydrates are higher than Mosasu Mousse Cake.

Because cellophane is wrapped around the side of the cake ......

I will peel it off.

That's why chocolate & cookie cream cake is on offer.

On top of the cake is a chocolate plate with a helmet imaginable, and it looks like a childhood day.

From the top of the cake layer are chocolate cream, cocoa sponge, cookie filled white chocolate cream, cocoa sponge.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 6.

So when you try to eat it actually, chocolate and cookie cream cake has changed to be a bamboo moose cake and it has become a rich cake to enjoy chocolate in the mouth. Overall it is fluffy texture, but the top grassage and chocolate cream make creamy and rich taste plus, and crushed cookies are also accent of texture.

In addition, "Asazura Mousse Cake", "Chocolate & Cookie Cream Cake" and "Children's Day Kamakura Bear Chocolate Cake" which could not be eaten will be available for limited time & limited quantity from May 1st 2016 to May 5th As it has been sold, people who care are better to buy earlier.

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