A major European football stadium is renovated to "New Kampu Know" made in Japan, a movie showing what happens to a new star with a capacity of over 100,000 people

Football club belonging to Spain's Riga EspanolaFC Barcelona'S home stadium "Kamp KnowIs a stadium dedicated to football which can hold the largest euro 91,786 people in Europe. The stadium is a stadium built more than 50 years ago and the need for countermeasures against aging was screamed for, but on March 8, 2016, it was sent to Nippon Nikken Sekkei and FC Barcelona headquarters · Catalunya One João Pasqual - Ramón Auchio Decided to adopt the proposed design of the stadium proposed by the architectural design. Furthermore, on April 21, 2016 it will be born again due to renovationKnow · Kamp · Know (New Camp · Know)An image and a movie that shows what kind of design will be made available has been released.

Así será el Nuevo Camp Nou | FC Barcelona

New Camp Nou sending out to the world | FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, ​​with Camp Nou as home stadium, is one of the leading soccer clubs in Europe. FC Barcelona is a prestigious club who has won 23 degrees in the world's highest football league, Riga Espanola, and has many fans all over the world due to the aggressive play that the club shows, and at the same time, I have gained tremendous support as a symbol. In addition, FC BarcelonaWorld football club income rankingSo it is big club that you can get second place.

Such FC Barcelona's home stadium, Kamp Nou, has more than 90,000 in capacity, just completed in 2015Municipal Suita Football StadiumWe are proud of a capacity of more than double the capacity. However, the stadium was completed on the 24th of September 1957, more than 50 years ago, the need for refurbishment has been scored by aging, FC Barcelona has been planning a renovation plan for Kampu Know for several years I was advancing.

The following conditions are cited as a refurbishment design plan of Kamp Nou, and design proposals that satisfy these conditions will be decided in the construction competition.

New Camp Nec requirement | FC Barcelona

The features of the new Camp Nou are as follows:

All the seats are covered with a roof and are made to protect from the weather (wind, sunshine, rain). The new dome will be 47.000 m 2.
The new stadium will have a blind spot from any first-floor, no seat at all, and will have a perfect vision. New seats and video cameras are installed in every seat in the stadium.
The video camera is an LED type system and the latest high resolution digital technology is used.
The second floor is as usual, but access and comfort are improved.
The third floor will be at the same level as the current lateral seat, access, comfort and service will improve.
The capacity of the audience increases to 105.000 people.
Chairs are all replaced and space is also improved to make it more comfortable and adaptable.
On each floor, people with limited physical movement and those with other obstacles are prepared.
The space in the corridor becomes more, it is easy to communicate, the supporters are easy to spend.
The current staircase will be in accordance with the existing regulations, and it will be arranged more easily.
As capacity increases, waiting tickets can be digested, supplementing the missing parts at present.
It is clearly stipulated that the project is compliant with the standards of energy efficiency and environmental conservation recognized by international standards.
To ensure that the safety of the supporters supporting the opponent is maximized and to minimize the troublesome fans and audiences who own the annual tickets, the access and the flow lines within the stadium are also divided, Service is offered.
Hospitality in all areas of the new Camp Nou, space and eating and drinking facilities are improved. Under Espai · balsa, an underground parking lot is built, a district connecting the Camp Nou and the new Palau · Brauglana is opened and it will be a public space that is easily accessible.

The following image is a panoramic picture of the current Kampu Know. Because the roof is attached only to a part of the main stand side, it is required that all seats of the stadium be covered with the roof at the new Kampu and knows. In addition, it seems that it will be setting a slope from the first floor stand so that a better football watching experience will be possible.


And on March 8, 2016, it was decided that a construction contest will be adopted by Japanese construction company Nikken Sekkei of Japan and home of Barça · João Pasqual - Ramón Ausio architectural design plan of renovation design of Catalonia on March 8, 2016.

New Camp Nou will be like this | FC Barcelona

A movie that shows what kind of design the new Kampu Know (New Kamp Know) will be released on April 21, 2016 which passed a little more than one month after that was released.

NOU CAMP NOU - Un somni obert al món: així serà el nou Estadi - YouTube

NOU CAMP NOU - Un somni obert al món: així serà el nou Estadi - Video Dailymotion

In the city of Catalonia ......

Discover the appearance of New Kampu and Know. "It was a meaningful point of the proposed design" that it was a design plan that blended into the town of Las Colts.

There is a wide space in front of the stadium, and there are no cars, no steps, no wall here.

Looking at the new Kampu know from the front like this. Character of "NOU CAMP NOU (New Kampu Know)", a design that was divided into three layers, and a thing like a slit extending from the ceiling of the stadium to the square in front of the stadium.

The ceiling part of the stadium

The passage part divided into three layers surrounding the stadium is very wide and open.

Looking from the aisle like this. It is likely to be a design with a high ceiling and open feeling.

When it gets lit up inside the stadium at night, it is a mysterious design that the light leaks from the slit into the ceiling of the aisle.

In the stadium there is also a space where many of the trophies that FC Barcelona has acquired so far have been exhibited.

A roof installed so as to surround the stand inside the stadium with gully.

Looking from inside the stadium like this. You will be able to watch the game comfortably even if it rains or snow.

A whole new view of the new Kampu and the day during the day ... ...

The whole view of the new Kampu know that was lighted up at night.

Something like a slit extending from the stadium glows at night.

Stadium shining in Fragrant Barcelona nickname Brauglana (blue and enji).

Appearance of supporters walking towards the stadium along the slit extending from the stadium to the square.

It seems that I am clearly clearing that "There are more spaces in the hallway, more communication is easy, supporters are easy to spend," which meets the requirements of the new Kampu and Know.

Looking down at the stadium from the sky ... ...

On the newly installed roof is the word "NOU CAMP NOU".

The stand of the stadium looks like this. The first floor seats tend to be more inclined than ever, making it easier to watch and the second and third floor seats will be as current.

Lionel Messi, the idol of FC Barcelona, ​​is entering the new Kampu and knows.

Capacity expanded to 105,000 people and more fans will be able to watch FC Barcelona games.

The construction of the New Kampu and Know will be started in the season of 2017/2018, and will be completed in the 2021/2022 season.

Nikken Sekkeba, which has issued a renovation design plan for the new Kampu and Know, is one of Japan's premier architectural design offices with a history of over 100 years. In Japan, the design of Saitama Super Arena, Niigata Stadium, Tokyo Dome etc. I was in charge. Nikken Sekkei is also an office that was engaged in designing the new national stadium by Mr. Zaha Hadid who was withdrawn from the blank sheet, but what kind of stadium the new Kampu and know that became involved in Japanese companies will be finished Or, I can not wait for completion.

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