What is a football club worth 400 billion yen? The source of astounding income and the existence of investors aiming for acquisition

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Football is said to be the most popular sports in the world, and there are professional and amateur football league in many countries all over the world. Among such football clubs that exist worldwide, "World's Most Valuable Football Club Top 20"Is one of the world's leading economic magazinesForbesIt is open to the public.

The World's Most Valuable Soccer Teams 2016 - Forbes

The main income source of the professional soccer club is the sale · sponsor fee of club related goods such as TV broadcasting rights · uniforms. And for the top club in Europe where top soccer top leagues gather, add to these income sourcesUEFA Champions League(CL) participation is an important source of income. Football clubs, which have gained huge income and have many fans all over the world, have attracted a lot of investors in recent years.

As if you clearly understand the reasons with numbers, "World's Most Valuable Football Club Top 20Has been released by Forbes. The average asset value of the top 20 clubs is 1.44 billion dollars (about 156 billion yen), and the total asset value of 20 clubs seems to have increased by 24% from one year ago.

01st place:real madrid

Asset value: 3,645 million dollars (about 400 billion yen)

The club with the highest asset value has become Real Madrid belonging to Spain's Liga Espanola for four consecutive years. The real thing about Real Madrid is that it has generated incomes income higher than any other football club in the past 11 consecutive seasons. The asset value of Real Madrid is $ 3,645 million (about 400 billion yen), which is increasing its value by 12% over a year ago. In addition, NFL's Dallas Cowboys ($ 4 billion) is the only sports team with a higher asset value than Real Madrid worldwide.

The top five asset value rankings of sports teams in the world are as follows. Three soccer clubs, one American football club and one baseball team are ranked in.

02th place:Barcelona

Asset value: 3,549 million dollars (about 390 billion yen)

Next to Real Madrid, the football club with high asset value is the same Spanish Barcelona, ​​its value is $ 3,549 million (about 390 billion yen). Barcelona has also increased its asset value by 12% from one year ago. In addition, Barcelona plans to repair the home stadium over a cost of 400 million dollars (about 43 billion yen), which may exceed the revenue of Real Madrid, according to Forbes.

At that new Barcelona stadium, Japanese companies are devising refurbished design.

A major European football stadium has been renovated to "New Kampu Know" made in Japan, a movie showing what happens to new stars with a capacity of over 100,000 people - GIGAZINE

03th place:Manchester United

Asset value: $ 3,317 million (about 360 billion yen)

The third highest club value is Manchester United belonging to the English Premier League. Since the club is a stock club listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it is also possible to actually purchase shares. The asset value of the club is about 3 billion dollars (about 330 billion yen) when calculated from the stock price, but Forbes is estimated at about 3,317 million dollars (about 360 billion yen), an increase of 7% from the previous year. Manchester United's operating revenue for the 2014-2015 season is $ 190 million (about 21 billion yen), the most profitable soccer club among the clubs ranked in the top 20 asset values.

Looking at all sports clubs around the world, the most profitable rate is Dallas Cowboys ($ 270 million), followed by the England Patriots ($ 195 million), then Manchester United is following.

04th place:Bayern München
Asset value: $ 2,678 million (about 290 billion yen)

05th place:Arsenal
Asset value: $ 2,017 million (about 22 billion yen)

06th place:Manchester City
Asset value: 1.921 billion dollars (about 210 billion yen)

07th place:Chelsea
Asset value: 1,661 million dollars (about 180 billion yen)

0th place:Liverpool
Asset value: 1,548 million dollars (about 170 billion yen)

09th place:Juventus
Asset value: 1,299 million dollars (about 140 billion yen)

10th place:Tottenham
Asset value: $ 1,175 million (about 110 billion yen)

11th place:Borussia · Dortmund
Asset value: $ 836 million (about 91 billion yen)

12th place:AC Milan
Asset value: 825 million dollars (about 90 billion yen)

13th place:Paris · Saint-Germain
Asset value: $ 814 million (about 88 billion yen)

14th place:Schalke 04
Asset value: $ 655 million (about 71 billion yen)

15th place:Atletico · Madrid
Asset value: $ 633 million (about 69 billion yen)

16th place:Intel Milan
Asset value: $ 599 million (about 61 billion yen)

17th place:West Ham United
Asset value: 542 million dollars (approx. 59 billion yen)

18th place:AS Rome
Asset value: 508 million dollars (approx. 55 billion yen)

19th place:SSC Napoli
Asset value: $ 366 million (about 43 billion yen)

20th place:Newcastle United
Asset value: $ 383 million (about 42 billion yen)

There are 8 top clubs in the top 20 clubs belonging to the English Premier League and 5 clubs in the top ten. This is because the Premier League gains enormous income than other football leagues with TV broadcasting rights. In fact, even in the United States, which is said to be a football country, it is broadcasting the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga at NBC Sports and Fox Sports.

The graph below shows the top right "broadcasting rights (domestic) sponsored by the domestic domestic broadcasting rights (top 5)", the bottom is "the world's football league got its own domestic broadcasting rights (top 5)" is. If you look at this, you can see that there is a difference of more than doubling when comparing the premier league's broadcasting royalty fee with other soccer leagues. The lowest broadcasting fee is Bundesliga of Germany but the league is currently negotiating with the broadcasting station about the broadcasting fee of the TV, and in the next contract it is at least 30% Is expected to increase, and Forbes.

The top leagues of Europe, the Premier League, Serie A, Riega Española, and the Bundesliga 4 leagues, distribute broadcasting fees to their clubs in different ways. Among them is Spanish Riga Espanola, which had so far been allocated a lot of funds to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​two big clubs belonging to the same league. However, from the 2016 - 2017 season, we will switch to a more equitable distribution method.

In fact, looking at the annual broadcasting fee fee for each league, Liga Espanola is the third most frequent figure. However, looking at the TV broadcasting rights revenue ranking of the football club of the 2014-2015 season, it is as follows and Real Madrid belonging to Liga Española which should not have the revenue of the broadcasting rights less than half of the premier league ) And FC Barcelona (1st place) got the first and second place revenue from broadcasting rights more than other soccer clubs.

In addition, the graph below shows the top ten income from selling goods such as football club uniforms and selling stadium's naming rights.

Assessing the asset value of a soccer club by Forbes does not simply compare the income of each club. For example, Arsenal, a strong club belonging to the Premier League, has earned 524 million dollars (about 57 billion yen) in the 2014-2015 season and its asset value reaches the 5th 2,020 million dollars (About 170 billion yen) has been evaluated as. Meanwhile, Manchester City affiliation belonging to the same premier league is $ 558 million (about 61 billion yen), but its asset value is 6,191 million dollars (about 210 billion yen), the sixth overall, I will. This is based on the prediction that Arsenal based in London will be more favorable to buyers on the market.

Also, elements indicating the validity of the speculation that "Arsenal will be able to gather many buyers" is also in "Sales price of game tickets". Arsenal sells the annual seats of the game for $ 2,895 (about 310,000 yen), whereas Manchester City sells for $ 1294 (about 140,000 yen), which is based on Arsenal's annual seat demand The height of the club, that is, the popularity of the club is shown.

Below is the club top 10 with high prices for the football club season ticket (annual seat). The most expensive seat is the AC Milan of Italy, how much is $ 5177 (about 560,000 yen).

The high value of the asset value of the football club is also understood from the fact that many soccer clubs have been acquired. Russian Millionaire Abramovich in 2003 bought London's football club Chelsea for $ 233 million (about 25 billion yen). After that, Mr. Abramovich strengthened the team using a lot of pocket money, and now it is said that there is an asset value of 1.7 billion dollars (about 180 billion yen). Malcolm Glaser who owns control of Manchester United purchases shares by using 1.47 billion dollars (about 160 billion yen) and has control. That Manchester United now is the third largest football club in the world and its value is approximately $ 3.33 billion (about 360 billion yen).

In addition, in 2008 Shuif Mansur, the royal family of Abu Dhabi, bought Manchester City with $ 360 million (about 39 billion yen). He also spent a lot of money to strengthen the team and the asset value as of 2016 has increased to 1.92 billion dollars (about 210 billion yen). Furthermore, in 2011, American investor Stan Chloenke purchased a large amount of Arsenal's shares and grabbed management rights at 1.2 billion dollars (about 130 billion yen). The current asset value of the club is estimated at 2.0 billion dollars (about 220 billion yen). In addition, Liverpool was bought by a professional basketball player Lebron James and John Henry in 2010 for $ 476 million (about 52 billion yen). The current asset value of the club is $ 1.5 billion (about 160 billion yen). In addition, the football clubs that have the acquired experience that have been introduced so far are all clubs belonging to the English Premier League.

Clubs other than England are also targeted for acquisition. For example AS Rome belonging to Italy · Serie A was bought by US investor group for $ 400 million (about 43 billion yen) in 2011. Although AS Rome is issuing a deficit, its asset value is estimated at $ 500 million (about 54 billion yen). In addition, in 2013, Indonesian Eric Tohill also bought Italy's Intel Milan for $ 480 million (about 52 billion yen). The club's current asset value is valued at Forbes as $ 599 million (about 61 billion yen).

In addition, Paris Saint-Germain, belonging to French League 1 in 2011, was bought by Qatar's investment company for $ 143 million (about 16 billion yen). Another case is that Bayern Munich, a prestigious club belonging to Bundesliga, Germany, sold its holding of 8.3% in 2014 to an insurance company Allianz for $ 150 million (about 16 billion yen) .

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