A high-tech signboard "Mosquito · Killer · Billboard" which attracts mosquitoes by human sweat and smell of breathing and kills

Aedes aedesAlthough mosquitoes such as mosquitoes are able to carry several kinds of viruses, human beings may be infected with infectious diseases such as jika fever and dengue by mediating these mosquitoes. Advertising agency in Brazil / Rio de Janeiro to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by such mosquitoes signs to pull the mosquito by releasing the smell of sweat and carbon dioxide and insecting "Mosquito Killer Billboard (Mosquito Killer Billboard)I released the design drawing for free for free.

How the Mosquito Killer Billboard works is explained in the following movie.

The Mosquito Killer Billboard - YouTube

Aedes aegyc is a feverChikungunya fever·yellow feverIt is known as a mosquito that mediates several types of infectious disease viruses. Infectious diseases caused by vector mosquitoes are a major problem in Brazil.

Developed as a countermeasure, it is a high-tech signboard "Mosquito · Killer · Billboard" equipped with a function to automatically attract Aedes aegyca.

The Mosquito · Killer · Billboard is equipped with "Lactic Acid" to mimic sweat of mammals and "Carbon Dioxide" cylinder to imitate human respiration.

By releasing these automatically, we can attract female mosquitoes sucking human blood. Its range of effects extends from 2.5 km to 4 km.

Because the fluorescent light is lit at night, due to the nature that gathers at the light, more mosquitoes gather than during the day.

What is attached to the bottom of the signboard is a cylinder that releases lactic acid. Most mosquitoes fly 4 feet above the ground (about 1.2 m), so there are holes to suck up mosquitoes approaching the cylinder.

Mosquitoes drawn by misunderstanding by humans will be taken into the Mosquito killer billboard and can not be taken out. There is no insecticide and so on, the internal mosquitoes are dehydrated and died.

The detailed internal structure is as follows.

Mosquito · killer · billboard is already installed experimentally in two places in Brazil already. Dr. Chris Jack, an insect specialist who was asked to comment on the Mosquito, Killer, and Billboard from BBC, said, "Devices that attract only female mosquitoes are thought to have the effect of decreasing the number of individuals, We may be hungering hungry mosquitoes to people who exposed the skin, "he noted concerns.

The design drawing of Mosquito · Killer · BillboardCreative CommonsIt is open to the public, and it can be downloaded free of charge if it is not for non-commercial purposes, modification, or remodeling. Production cost is about 192 dollars (about 20,000 yen) per unit.

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