Keyboard detachable Acer "Switch Alpha 12" that can move the 6th generation Intel Core "Skylake" with fanless & silent sound in the 2in1 style with unique water cooling

The 2nd-1 style notebook PC which can detach the keyboard in the event held by Acer in the United States · New York, equipped with its own water cooling system can move the 6th generation Intel Core i7 with fanless "Switch Alpha 12We announced.

Acer Debuts Switch Alpha 12 Liquid-Cooled 2-in-1 Notebook

You can understand what kind of notebook PC "Switch Alpha 12" equipped with its own water cooling system is by seeing the following movie.

Acer | Switch Alpha 12 Detachable PC - YouTube

Acer logo. The top board is processed hairline.

"Switch Alpha 12" is a notebook PC with a 12-inch display.

The biggest feature is that with its unique water cooling system "Acer LiquidLoop" technology, Intel's sixth-generation Intel Core processor "SkylakeWhere I can drive the generation Core i7. Since there is no fan, there is no need to worry about dust and dust, so the risk of failure can be reduced.

Switch Alpha 12 is a 2 in 1 style which can separate display and keyboard.

A very large touch pad is mounted on a thin keyboard.

The key stroke is 1.4 mm and it will provide compact typing performance.

Since it is 2in1 style it can be used with tablet style as well.

Keyboard which can be easily connected with magnet ......

It's like MicrosoftSurfaceYou can fold the end like.

However, unlike Surface, the kickstand has a frame shape.

Rubber-processed stand seems to be able to be fixed stably even if the angle of the display is laid down.

The size is vertical 201.4 × width 292.1 × thickness 15.85 mm, weighs 1250 g.

The tablet weight is 900 g only. The liquid crystal display is 12 inches and the resolution is 2160 × 1440. The OS is equipped with Windows 10, as well as multi-touch function.

There is not only a full size USB 3.0 port but also Type - C.

It is also possible to connect two 4K displays externally using the Type 3-C USB 3.1 port.

Optional, tablet style convenient sensitivity 256 stylus stylus "Acer Active Pen", 2 USB 3.1 ports of DisplayPort, HDMI, Type-C, 3 full USB 3.0 ports can be added "WiGig Dock is also available.

It achieves powerful performance without annoying fan sound.

The top model of "Switch Alpha 12" has Core i 7, 8 GB LPDDR 3 memory, 512 GB SSD. The entry model with Core i 3, 4 GB LPDDR 3 memory, 128 GB SSD is priced at an attractive price that can fully compete with Microsoft's Surface series starting at $ 599 (about 66,000 yen). Switch Alpha 12 is scheduled to be released in China and Europe in May 2016, North America in June, and it will be expected to release in Japan.

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