Surface Killer tablet "Miix 700" & projector built-in tablet "Yoga Tab 3 Pro" released by Lenovo

The International Consumer Electronics Show, which opens in Berlin, Germany from September 4, 2015 (IFA 2015) Lenovo announces a large number of new products such as tablet PCs. Blatantly Tablet PC targeting Microsoft's Surface "Miix 700", A new tablet PC equipped with a projector"YOGA Tab 3 ProIt is clear that two distinctive tablets are released.

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◆ YOGA Tab 3 Pro
The new model "YOGA Tab 3 Pro" of the Lenovo tablet PC "YOGA Tab" series is equipped with a 10.1 inch (2560 × 1600) liquid crystal display. SoC is a Cherry Trail generation Intel Atom x5 - Z8500 (up to 2.24 GHz 4 cores / 4 threads), 2 GB of memory and 16 GB / 32 GB of storage. Battery capacity is 10200 mAh and huge, realizing continuous operation for 18 hours.

Previous modelYOGA Tablet 2 ProContinue to incorporate a projector. In YOGA Tablet 2 Pro, the projector was built in the side part of the hinge, whereas in YOGA Tablet 3 Pro the place was changed to the center part of the hinge, so it was possible to project while operating the tablet PC It is.

It is also possible to hang from the wall or ceiling with a hole in the center of the stand. You can project with a large screen of up to 70 inches.

The Android sub model "YOGA Tab 3There is also. YOGA Tab 3 has a 10-inch (1280 × 800) model and an 8-inch (1280 × 800) model. Both models are based on Qualcomm APQ 800 (1.3 GHz 4 core), 1 GB of memory, 16 GB of storage and OS of Android 5.1 Lollipop Is adopted.

The YOGA Tablet 3 Pro will be released in November 2015 with a Wi-Fi version of $ 349 (about 42,000 yen) and an LTE version of $ 599 (about 72,000 yen). Also, YOGA Tab 3 will be released in October 2015 in 8-inch model, the price is $ 199 (about 24,000 yen) for Wi-Fi version and $ 249 (about 30,000 yen) for LTE version. The 10-inch model is scheduled to be released in October 2015 with a Wi-Fi version of $ 299 (about 36,000 yen) and an LTE version of $ 349 (about 42,000 yen).

◆ Miix 700
At first glance, 2in1 type tablet PC "Miix 700" that looks like Surface Pro 3. It adopts the 12-inch (2560 × 1440) liquid crystal display, and the CPU has Core m 7 of the sixth generation Intel Core processor "Skylake" series. Memory can be up to 8 GB, SSD up to 256 GB,Surface Pro 3It is high spec regardless of being.

The size is 292 mm in width × 210 mm in length × 8.95 mm in thickness and weighs 780 g. USB 3.0 port, microSD card slot, micro SIM card slot is carried and LTE communication is also possible.

Of course, the optional keyboard and body can be separated.

As with the Surface series, the kickstand is a style with a hinge at the center of the back. We have a 5 million pixel camera on the front and rear.

Metal hinges exposed.

It corresponds also to character input with a dedicated stylus pen.

The VergeHas released the first impression movie of Miix 700 actual machine at the press conference venue.

Lenovo has created a Microsoft Surface clone

The Miix 700 will be released in November 2015 at a price of $ 699 (about 84,000 yen). It is far cheaper than Surface Pro 3 over 110,000 yen, so it seems to demonstrate a great presence in the 2 in 1 tablet market with Windows 10.

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