Acer announces Windows 10-equipped smartphone "Jade Primo" that can be output to the display and used as a pocket PC sense

Acer is opening in September 4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany "IFA 2015"Conference will be held in conjunction with the press conference,Gaming smartphoneYaConvertible type ChromebookAnnounced. In the press conference, "10" high-end smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile "Jade PrimoHas appeared, and the function that can be output to the external display "ContinuumDemonstration was carried out.

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Jade Primo announced at the press conference is a 5.5-inch smartphone equipped with Windows 10 Mobile, adopting Snapdragon 808 as CPU, will be equipped with organic EL display and 21 million pixel camera.

However, the announcement at the press conference seemed to be close to the toeser, the detailed specifications are not clear. It seems that there was no real machine exhibition at the venue.

At the venue, using Jade Primo, one of the features of Windows 10 Mobile "Continuum"Demo was held. When Jade Primo was connected to the display via the docking station, a screen like a PC was displayed. The display on the display is the Windows 10 Mobile screen, but you can see that the UI has changed according to the display. It seems that demonstrations of photos such as photos and maps were held at the venue.

The actual demonstration is possible from the following movie.

Acer's new Windows 10 Mobile, the Jade Primo - YouTube

Jason Chen, CEO of Acer, said Jade Primo is "the first PC smartphone." Using smartphones as stick-type PCs Continuum is a function of Windows 10 Mobile, and expectations are also expected for the appearance of Windows 10 Mobile-equipped smartphones in Japan.

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