Birds as well as drone are becoming a threat to airliners at takeoff and landing


The phenomenon that birds collide with aircraft in takeoff and landing is "Bird Strike"Birds sucked into the jet engine destroy the rotor and in the worst case can cause a crash accident in the worst case so that birds are sucked into the engine during the development stage of the engine is being carried out. However, it is known that the drone which explosively increases in recent years poses a big threat to passenger aircraft like birds.

Drones Are the New Threat to Airline Safety - Bloomberg

For jet engines of commercial aircraft, natural phenomena such as heavy rain, hail, thunder and birds and flying objects are certified as "dangerous" which is highly likely to cause an accident. In order to prevent accidents even if such a danger happens, tests are carried out to drive dead birds into an actual engine turbine at high speed and to check the damage condition of the engine, and passenger aircraft can also fly Performance that can be achieved is required.

As a result of the danger of an accident caused by a collision with a drone began to be recognized, research is under way to simulate the damage caused by a drone colliding with an engine with a computer. At the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, we conducted an experiment to crash about 8 pounds (about 3.6 kilograms) of quad-cotter into a 9 ft (about 2.7 meter) diameter engine fans adopted in long-distance jet machines such as Boeing 777 and Airbus A 380. You can understand that there is a risk of crushing jet engine fan blades in the drone that collides with a rotating fan by looking at the simulation movie below.

What Happens If A Drone Gets Sucked Into A Jet Engine? Results Might Surprise You!

The part surrounded by a red frame is drone.

I touched the rotating rotor.

Rotor involving drone while pulverizing.

The remains of the drone are sandwiched between the blades and spread inside the engine so as to be dragged.

The more the housing around the engine is distorted.

The blades of the rotor were shattered, and the engine was destroyed.

It is a passenger aircraft facing a troublesome problem of drone newly with birds, but in recent years it has become clear that it is also exposed to the threat of commercial drones flying in the air. Pilots and air traffic controllers reported that sightings of over 100 drones have been reported per month. I am in charge of the safety of the sky in the USAFederal Aviation AdministrationAccording to the FAA, the drones have reported more than 1,200 witnesses in 2015, which is said to rise sharply since 2014.

Drone's encounter information reported from 21 August 2015 to 31 January 2016 is most commonly found in Newark Liberty International Airport in New York, then Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles and airport close to the big city I know that a lot happens.

While the threat of such drone is rapidly increasing, FAA is in a hurry to formulate commercial drones' flight rules, and from December 2015Institution that obliges drone users to registerStarted. According to the FAA regulation at the time of article creation, the drone is prohibited from flying over 400 feet (about 120 meters) in height, and it is also prohibited to fly within 5 miles around the airport (about 8 kilometers). However, about 92% of the drone sighting information of the pilot occurred in the sky of 400 feet or more, and about 60% is occurring within 5 miles of the airport, and FAA rules are not being observed There is a reality that.

As a result of FAA's analysis of the data, it was found that the distance between the drones and the aircraft was within 50 feet (about 15 meters) in 24 of the drone approach cases. Model airplane enthusiasts groupAcademy of Model AeronauticsRich Hanson said, "The possibility of drone colliding with aircraft is still low, but it can not be said that there was no possibility of collision," Drone's rapid increase in sky safety rapidly I am concerned that it has declined.

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A pilot union composed of aircraft pilots should take even more stringent countermeasures against commercial drone in order to maintain safety around the airport. A system in which the pilot union is considering the necessity of introduction is an obligation to incorporate a software program that forcibly crashes a drone approaching the airport. It is a claim that deterrence should be exercised while eliminating drones by a system that forcibly eliminates drone enthusiasts not following FAA regulations.

In March 2016 a researcher at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University announced a bird strike in the past 25 yearsResearch studiedConcluded that the delivery flight by unmanned drone brings a lot of risk within the airspace of the United States. Drone, which is expected to be used in various fields in the future, seems to be a necessary condition for regulations and systems that can ensure the safety of the sky.

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