It summarizes what "Panama document" is, the essence of the problem, the current state of asset concealment, and the reaction of each world


Confirm that big companies and individuals were using "tax saving" of taxes using tax havens (tax avoidance areas)Panama document"Leaked out of Panama's law firm" Mosac Fonseca "has become a big topic. The reportWe have already reported on GIGAZINEHowever, in the first place, I have summarized the current point of what "Panama document" is, how many companies and people are involved in the world, and what kind of response is obtained.

Panama Papers Q & A: What is the scandal about? - BBC News

What is "Panama document"?
"Panama Papers", which is a big topic in the world, gathers data on the work of Mossack Fonseca (Mosac Fonseca) dealing with transactions related to tax havens at Panama's law firm over the past 40 years Recorded, ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) was obtained through German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (South German newspaper). The amount of data is2.6 TB(Terabyte) and it is very huge. This should be felt when considering that all of the HDDs installed in recent PCs are filled with this document.

Also in 2010WikiLeaks leaked NSA (National Security Agency) documentEven when I made it, the enormous scale took over the minds of people, but the Panama document is on the scale far above that. According to BBC, if we consider the data amount of WikiLeaks "1.7 GB" to be the population of San Francisco (about 800 thousand people equal to the population of Hamamatsu City), the data volume of the Panama document is the total population of IndiaApproximately 1.2 billion people), And the difference is a tremendous amount of about 1,500 times.

It is an outflow of Panama document which can be taken as "poor man's wrestling against the rich" by looking, but the essence of thing is in another place. That is the reality that tax revenue is decreasing because the tax that was supposed to be paid was not paid, and in order to compensate for the decrease in revenue, tax increases that may not have been necessary are done It is said that it is. In addition, it has been pointed out for a long time that it can be used for unauthorized transfer of funds, money laundering, illegal accumulation, etc. by exploiting the ambiguity of transactions.

◆ Whose name is found?
It is the center of interest and the name of the person included in this document that is investing a big problem. According to the BBC, there are 60 names of twelve people who were formerly at the top of the state, relatives of former tops, and other names such as athletes and famous people were found about. In addition to Russia of the entourage of President Vladimir Putin is seen to have been carried out a fundraising conducts business two billion US dollars (about 220 billion yen) things, the law of Xi Jinping Jintao of China brothers and, of UkrainePetro PoloshenkoPresident, ArgentinaMauricio MakriPresident, BritishDavid CameronThe late father of the Prime Minister and PakistanNAW'S SAFETEVThree of the four children of the prime minister are included. In addition, Icelandic Prime Minister Gunroygson who was likewise exposed to alleged hidden assets has been forced to retire on April 5.

Iceland's Prime Minister's resignation, suspicion of hiding assets of "Panama document" | Reuters

Also, people are not limited to political circles, Juan Pedro Damiani who is an ethics committee member at the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), Mr. Lionel Messi, Argentina's star football player, and his father Jorge Horacio Messi, It is also made clear that Mr. Nico Rosberg of active F1 driver and Mr. Jackie Chen of Hong Kong movie star are included, and tax escape using tax haven among people called so-called wealthy people · It is a content to let you know that asset hiding is taking place.

◆ Problems of Tax · Haven
The thing to understand well here is that "using tax and haven is often legal in many cases". Tax · Haven is a country that has established a tax regime of very low tax rate or zero tax, and companies and individuals all over the world set up a paper company there and remit the profits gained in their own countries, It is a mechanism to avoid tax on profit. That is, there is a problem there, but one of the key points is that there is no illegality in the mechanism itself.

It is such a tax haven, but the fact that it is the main cause of a big problem is the mechanism that the money can not be seen well from outside. It is difficult to track because the money is from whom, where you came from, and where you are going to go, so tax investigation will not proceed, but remittance that the criminal organization illegally got and transfer it to another , So-called 'money laundering (money washing)' has become a hotbed for many years.

◆ How many organizations and people in the world use tax · havens via Mosac · Fonseca
So, where on earth do people using tax havens around the world exist? On the following pages, you can see the content of Mosac Fonseca's data in the map of the world.

Panama Papers: where the money is hiding

In Russia where whispering involvement around President Putin has been whispered, it turned out that 4198 companies and 3199 shareholders (such as shareholders) were using tax havens via Mosac Fonseca.

Should it be said unexpectedly, the current state of the United States is 3072 companies, 3467 share holders, etc.

Although it is only 24 companies in Japan, it can be said that other countries do not have the share holder more than 10 times as large as 360 shareholders for the number of companies.

Switzerland boasts the number of top class companies in the world (?). A list of 38433 companies is listed. The number of shareholders is one tenth of that of companies, the situation opposite to Japan.

Hong Kong is the second largest after such Switzerland. A list of 37919 companies is listed.

In addition, in the Japanese tax system, there is a deemed provision that regards income obtained by a corporation of Tax Haven as income of Japan and imposes corporate tax or income tax.

Tax Haven Countermeasure Tax System: Japan | Trade and Investment Consultation Q & amp; A - Viewed by Country / Region - JETRO

We regard retained income of foreign subsidiaries etc. whose source tax burden is significantly lower than Japanese corporate tax burden as income of Japanese shareholders according to the proportion of direct and indirect ownership of shares under certain requirements Taxed in Japan after adding it to income of shareholders. This system is a tax havens countermeasure tax system.

◆ What is the reaction of the people and organization in the whirlpool?
"Mosac Fonseka", a law firm whose data leaked, has commented that "We have continued to operate without being criticized for 40 years and have never been prosecuted for crime".

Regarding President Vladimir Putin which has been widely reported, Russia's presidential office is showing reply that the presidential office is to condemn the president 's credibility ahead of the two - year election.

'Panama document', Putin's objective to lose credibility = Russian Presidential Office | Reuters

Pescoff said at a press conference that "The main target of this false information is the president." "It's taboo to say good things about Russia and its accomplishments because of the spread of" Pringin ', "I have to say bad things and I will make up if there is nothing to say. This case is evidence. "

As I mentioned earlier, Icelandic Prime Minister Gunroygson is being forced to retire.

Iceland's Prime Minister's resignation, suspicion of hiding assets of "Panama document" | Reuters

In China, Xi Jinping involvement Zemin has been modest, the Chinese Communist Party and government is not recognized any of the reports, and further has led to the blockade measures such as removing the relevant information from the Internet are taken.

Parents' biblical description of Pipliri = "Panama document" information blocked - influence also on anti-corruption fight · China: current affairs dot com

Censorship has been strengthened in the Chinese net, and it is said that the contents written as "Panama" and "Tamayama (Chinese in Panama)" are deleted.

China's Social Media Censors Are Working Overtime To Block Panama Papers Discussion - BuzzFeed News

For Messi who is also involved and has been charged with allegations of another tax evasion, it is said that the family insists that "tax evasion is not related to corporation owned in Panama".

The corporation owned in Panama and tax evasion are irrelevant ... Messi's family insisted - Sponichi Annex football

Rosberg of F1 driver found out that he is making a contract with his Mercedes team via a company located in the Caribbean's British Virgin Islands. Whether or not money was actually exchanged through this company is unknown, but the German public broadcast "ARD" on the contents of the contract obviously unnatural, "Mercedes and Rosberg, why Caribbean Sea I do not want to explain about whether I made a contract through a company located in Japan. " Furthermore, Rosberg is commenting only as "personal problem" through a lawyer.

A statement on the contract of Rosberg in 'Panama document', 1 news photograph of the German international news: AFPBB News

◆ 2016/05/09 additions
The International Searching Journalists Association (ICIJ), which exposed the Panama document under the White House, gave some information on the avoidance area corporate name, related companies / individual names, addresses, etc. in the Panama document relating to tax havens in Japan time Announced that it will be published on the website on May 10, 2016 at 3 am. This is to let many people check by publishing highly anonymous data that has been kept confidential up to now, and provide information to "When I find something worthy of investigation" It is said that she is calling for it.

Panama Papers Source Offers Documents To Governments, Hints At More Toe · ICIJ

【Impact of Panama document】 ICIJ "The biggest announcement ever at 3 am at 10 am" - Sankei news

In addition, it is clear that this list contains the name of Rakuten's president Miki Valley. Miki Valley said that he was a shareholder of a corporation established in 1995 in the British Virgin Islands. Rakuten spokeswoman reveals that the acquisition of shares was made before Rakuten entrepreneurship, who made a contribution of about 1 million yen, but he got the loss without getting a return.

Rakuten · Mikiya's name is also Panama document, partly announced on 10th - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Also, the person who leaked the Panama document has released the first statement. While maintaining anonymity, this person talks about the document that "corruption of the ultra wealthy people can destroy capitalism and cause revolution".

A Panama document provider previews the first statement, "Revolution" Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

◆ 2016/05/10 12 o'clock additions
The database was released at 3:00 am on May 10, 2016 in Japan time.

The database of "Panama document" is released at the end, the method of easy search by anyone is Kore - GIGAZINE

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