What is "Celebrity Corporation", a subsidiary of Sun Electronics, said to have cooperated with FBI's iPhone unlock?

Suspecting the gun shooting incident Fujitsu announced that FBI succeeded in unlocking iPhone by itself, due to the problem that Apple and FBI were in conflict over the unlock of the iPhone that couple had, cooperating with FBI And then unlocked the iPhone is a subsidiary of Japanese company Sun Electronic Inc. to be registered in IsraelCellebriteIt is said that it is a (celebrity) company. About this matter Sun electronic spokesperson is answering Bloomberg's phone interview.

Inside the Little-Known Japan Firm Helping the FBI Crack iPhones - Bloomberg

Regarding the iPhone 's unlock problem of suspects of San Bernardino' s gun shooting incident, both FBI and Celebrite are closing their concerns about cooperation. Sun also said that "I can not comment on specific criminal cases," but a spokesperson answered several questions by telephone on the relationship with Celebright.

Sun Electronics, founded in 1971, was mainly a company that manufactures pachinko related equipment, but in the latter half of the 1970s, following the development of PC (IBM compatible AT personal computer "READY 1"), we will also develop computer games became. in recent yearsMahjong application for smartphoneWe are promoting entry into the technology industry, such as releasing it.

It was in 2007 that Sun electronics bought Celebrite, but at that time Celebright did not have a business division related to criminal investigation. About the purpose of the acquisition The Sun electronic spokesperson said that it was mainly to incorporate data transfer technology between telephone terminals owned by Celebrite into its telecommunications business. Later, most of mobile data related business at Sun electronics is dependent on Celebrite's business, and now it is making profit to overtake Sun Electronics' pachinko business.

In addition, Celebrite sells extractable hardware and software even if it is deleted data from encrypted mobile phone terminal, and digital criminal investigation business with clients of more than 100 police and research organizations as client going. Analysts at Bloomberg said that companies like Celebrity might have found a niche industry like "Unlocking Personal Terminals at the request of FBI" as in this case. "

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