Actually playing Scenes Game "Science Kombat" which genius scientists fighting such as Einstein and Newton using the theory of relativity and wormholes actually feels like this

A fighting game where eight great scientists who have left their names in history, such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Darwin and Stephen Hawking in Pythagoras, will collect the number one and decide the number one in fighting rather than discussionScience Kombat"In BrazilSuperinteressanteIt is open to the public.

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Actually playing "Science Kombat" it looks like the following movie.

【Science Kombat】 Pythagoras vs. Marie Curie - YouTube

"Science Kombat" is embedded in the middle of the page of the above link. To play, click "PLAY TOURNAMENT".

Then it becomes a character select screen ... ...

Select the character you want to use and click "BEGIN". When you select a character, a comment about that person is displayed, so it is obvious who you are using. This time I will try using the Pythagorean theorem etc "Pythagoras".

The operation method is very simple, it moves with the arrow key, the "W" key weakly attacks, the "E" key strongly attacks. Furthermore, when you click "ADVANCED COMMANDS" at the bottom of the screen ... ...

You can check the available Special Move Command. The first one activates with ↓ ← + "W" or "E" "Pythagorean theorem". Click "NEXT MOVE" and check another mortal attack command.

The other is ← ↓ → + "W" or "E" to activate "Tetractys". After checking the Special Move Skill command, click "PLAY!" To start the battle.

Information of the enemy character is displayed before the match. This enemy is Isaac Newton.

The battle screen looks like this in an atmosphere like a fighting game of the Super Famicom era.

It is possible to move the character with the cross key, and it is possible to let Pythagoras jump a little.

The falling apple is one of Newton 's deadly moves' gravity'

Another mortal work is "optical"

Pythagoras' s weak attacks are repeated like this with such a feeling.

A strong attack is a big kick.

Squatting attack ... ...

Jump attacks are also possible, the movements are very authentic.

"Tetractys" which is one of the deathbed techniques, Pythagoras is holding ......

Attacks that emit spherical air-like things towards enemies. The range is short, it is hard to apply because the motion until activation is long.

This is another mortal work "Pythagorean theorem". It is a technique that moves at high speed to draw the hypotenuse and height of a right triangle, it is relatively easy to hit the attack if you learn the orbit, it can be used to avoid attack.

When winning it is like this. Click "NEXT FIGHT" to battle with other genius scientists.

You can see how you feel when you actually play "Science Kombat" by seeing the following movie.

【Science Kombat】 Pythagoras vs. Marie Curie - YouTube

When you kill all eight scientists ... ...

God comes down as the last enemy character.

You can see how you are fighting against God in the following movies.

【Science Kombat】 Einstein VS God - YouTube

The computer of "Science Kombat" is relatively weak, it is relatively easy for beginners to reach the final stage. It is a feeling of enjoying light movement and enjoying each deadly technique by each scientist rather than playing purely as a game.

Incidentally, the scientists who appear and the Special Move is as follows.

Alberto Einstein:E = mc 2, Relativity theory
Charles Darwin:Natural selection, evolution
Nicolas · Tesla:Teleforce, Tesla coil
Isaac Newton:Optical, gravity
Stephen Hawking:Wormhole, black hole
Pythagoras:Pythagorean theorem, Tetractys
Mary Curie:Polonium, radium
Alan · Turing:Artificial intelligence, code breaker

In addition, Diego Sanchez, a designer of "Science Kombat", publishes motion images of each character in his own blog.

Science Kombat on Behance

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