An accident occurred that a house rebuilt from tornado damage was dismantled due to a display mistake on Google Maps


An incident occurred that houses that were rebuilt from the damage of tornado that occurred in December 2015 were misunderstood as "houses scheduled for dismantlement" and they were destroyed. The cause seems to be that Google Maps displayed the location of the house one block away.

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To Knolls in TexasMaisonetteLindsey Diaz, who owns the company, received a rush call from her neighbor, Alan Cutter's wife, and returned home, the house was destroyed so that he could not keep the original shape.

Diaz has been destroyed by Tornado on December 26, 2015 and has a history of having survived a storm in the bathtub with 8 months of children. "Although I could spend it at home this summer, it took them all like tornado came," he told the current situation.

As a result of examination, the dismantling businessman came to 7601 Calypso Dr. (Calypso street 7601 street) where he should go to "7601 Cousteau Dr. (7601 Street of Custoda)" using Google Maps It turned out that it was cause.

The address 7601 on Custoda that I should have originally should have been here.

On the other hand, here is the mistaken Calypso street number 7601 here.

As this incident occurred, data correction has been done and it can not be confirmed at present, but when searching for "7601 Cousteau Dr." before the data modification, the place currently displayed as "7601 Calypso Dr." is indicated It was said that it was in a state to be.EngadgetAccording to data created in My Maps, it was like this. The yellow star is the correct destination.

In addition, the person in charge said that the house where they were dismantled might not be wrong, the dismantling agent said, "These things are not a big deal", but the person in charge of the city Is a big problem "as a problem.

Although insurance seems to go down for a time, Diaz said, "It feels like I'm getting more far away than when I got hit by a tornado to leave my house."

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