A shop emulating the name of a person who can not be in the White House of Google Maps appears

CIA former officials who had decided to disclose attention from all over the world, revealing the fact that the United States collected personal information on the Internet using a secret program,Edward SnowdenMr. Kim is clear from his remarks that he lives in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Mr. Snowden, who is supposed to be living abroad owing to the disclosure of the confidential matter of the government, is a mystery that Mr. Snowden's name "Edwards Snow Den" is displayed in the place where the White House of Google Maps is located A situation occurred.

According to Google Maps, not in Russia but instead residing in the White House, within "Edwards Snow Den."

On April 13, local time in the United States, the name reminiscent of Mr. Edward Snowden near the White House of Google Maps was displayed by someone's hand. Article writing time,The Google Maps White HouseAlthough it has already been fixed when I checked it, it was said that "Edwards Snow Den" was displayed in one corner of the White House as shown in the image below.

When you click "Edwards Snow Den"Snowboard shop page created on Google+Is displayed. However, the address is the same as that of the White House, it is not a real store. There are multiple 5-star reviews, and comments such as "I am a source of wonderful confidential information! I do not quite understand but I understood what exiled" and a comment such as "NSA will be revealed!" It was. The page of "Edwards Snow Den"Street view linkIt is also pasted, it seems that the click of it will bring in the display of the inside of the White House.

What on earth is going on, Google + has "Google+ LocalThere is a function that you can display the position of your store and company on Google Maps, and it seems that someone used this function to display an imaginary snowboard shop "Edwards Snow Den" at the location of the White House. The same problem has already been dealt with by Google and the notation on the White House and links on Street View etc. have been deleted but until the deal is done until the certified icon showing "Google certified" as below It seems that anyone could easily exploit it as it was being displayed.

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