What kind of taste does human meat taste?

ByGonzalo Merat

Food acts to eat human flesh (cannibalism) Is considered illegal in many countries in modern times, but the scientific examination of the question "What kind of taste will it have on eating human meat?" Movie "What Does Human Flesh Taste Like?"Has been released.

What Does Human Flesh Taste Like? - Secrets of Everything - Brit Lab - YouTube

Greg Foot, a science program presenter, came to the laboratory to confirm the taste of human meat.

I will collect muscle cells outside the quadriceps muscle.

First, I will apply local anesthesia to my thighs.

Next, pierce the metal pipe in the thigh and collect the thigh meat.

Mr. Greg is surprised at the size of the instrument.

Pierce the pipe in the thigh ... ...

Move the tip like a pump and cut the meat.

I am hitting anesthesia, but looks painful.

Pull out the pipe and take out the meat from inside.

Human thigh meat has a connective tissue around the muscle tissue and it has a structure similar to chicken meat.

When observed with a microscope, Greg's thigh cell tissue was about half the structure of the chicken's breast and was similar to the meat quality of the cow.

Because it is illegal to eat human meat, we measure odor when we process human meat.

Greg who came to another laboratory.

I take out the thigh muscle cells that I removed earlier.

Analyze odor when cooking meat using special equipment.

Greg, who smoked his cooked meat, said, "While smiling faces, it is more fragrant than beef and chicken, close to beef and smells like beef stew."

Analysis revealed that the lean portion of the odor looked much like a mixture of lamb and pork.

So, we can not eat real meat, so prepare beef, lamb, pork.

I will reproduce the odor of human flesh with mince.

Grind minced meat and bake it ......

A hamburger is completed.

Greg, who tasted a meat-style hamburger, said, "The flavor of beef and ram meat mix together, the taste is not bad, and positive impressions came out as I think that actually eating human meat would taste like this."

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