I went to "Meguro Gajyoen" which is a model of "Spirited Away" and has the luxurious toilet and tangible cultural properties in Japan

A composite facility known for wedding ceremonies and hotels "Meguro Gajyoen"Was established in 1931 at the first domestic wedding hall in Japan, its gorgeous architecture is spectacular. However, if you actually visit, you will not realize unless you attend a wedding ceremony or attend an event, but Meguro Gajyoen is open to the public for free and photography is also allowed. In addition, it is said that it became a model of "Yuya" that appears in the movie "Spirited Away", and an event where you can visit "Hundred Stair Stairs" of the Tokyo Metropolitan Designated Tangible Cultural Property that is not normally seen is also held It is said that it is, so I actually went and watched it.

For wedding ceremonies · banquets · anniversaries 【Meguro Gajyoen】

Hundred Stage Hina Matsuri ~ Michinoku Hikiko Noriyuki ~ Entertainment | Meguro Gajyoen

I came to Meguro Gajyoen, a 5-minute walk from Meguro Station on the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Meguro Line, Namboku Line and Mita Line on the Subway Line.

A big rock carved as "Sonomiya" is a landmark.

The entrance is mainly used in black and white, it is calm atmosphere though gold color is included.

When entering from entrance, modern Japanese style design.

The light on the ceiling looks like a fan.

When I visited, the event "Hundred Stage Hina Festival" was held at "Hundred Stair Stairs" of Tokyo Designated Tangible Cultural Properties, and the Tidaretama was also exhibited in the place where I entered the entrance .

From the entrance proceed to the right, turn left at the end and you will see a long corridor. On the wall on the right side of the corridor are colored wood carving boards with brilliant colors and beautiful three-dimensional sculptures.

Before the Gajoen was rebuilt in 1991, the former Gajoen was a Japanese style wooden building, a large wood carving board, a lacquered mural painting and Japan were decorated in a long corridor, and the present coloring wood carving board reused it .

The ceiling painting adorned on the ceiling was also reused in what was in the old corridor.

There is a courtyard on the left side of the corridor.

In addition, a river flows just outside the corridor on the side of the courtyard and the carp swimming.

Visit the courtyard freely and OK. Stones are lined up on the ground with gravels.

It is red in the courtyard as it was in the old tea shopUmbrella at a pointThere is an alley on which a red cloth is hung, and it is also possible to relax here.

Sitting on the cushion of the bench and looking at the courtyard is like this.

There is a small waterfall on the left side of the rim, and it is okay to listen to the sound that the water falls.

Returning to the corridor and walking through Tech Tec, an oversized gate will be visible in a big space. This is "Daimon of invitation", a thing which relocated the entrance of the former Gajoen.

Different decorations were used depending on the seasons in the space with invitation gates, and when you visited, the hill decoration of Morioka town, Morioka city Iwate prefecture was displayed.

One thing such as monkey, peach, sea bream and so on, one by one handmade crepe work motifs cerebrate the dolls next to the dolls and celebrate the doll festival is the harvest decorations, and those in Inagi hot springs in Izu and Yanagawa City in Fukuoka prefecture, even outside Morioka It is known.

Under the hill decoration, the river was flowing again.

Daimon invitation is nearly impressive full force. The ridge on the tile roof means marriage and you can see why the garden is used as a wedding hall.

Looking back at the corridor from the gate of invitation it is like this. The illuminated hanging decoration is beautiful.

There was an in - house map set up beside the invitation gate. The bottom of the map is the entrance, passing through the corridor to the gate of the invitation. As you go through the invitation giant gate, it will finally approach the center of the Gajoen.

Although there are up to the eighth floor of the Gajoen, only the first floor part is released for general visit. It is necessary to be careful not to mistake the second floor or more.

There was a smoking place beside the invitation gate.

There are five Japanese style ashtrays in the smoking area. On the side of the main gate of the invitation was arranged the ornamental plants and was devised so that the inside could not be seen from the inside.

Looking back through the gates of invitation and looking back like this. The coloring wood carving board "Dragon tiger" on the top was decorated between the Takasago of the former Gajoen.

In the place which passed through the invitation giant gate, the "Fujii Katsumo kiln" color painting bamboo dragon diving dragon phoenix figure decoration jar "is exhibited.

After walking through the gate of invitation and walking through Tech Tec the lobby will come to the right.

The opposite side of the lobby is the cafe lounge "Pandora"

In Pandora you can enjoy tea while watching luxurious gardens with beautiful waterfalls.

Since it is possible to take a walk in this garden, I went outside.

Many carpes are swimming in Kintaro pond in the garden.

Kintaro When you see the waterfall from the bridge over the pond, you will be overwhelmed by the fair power. "It should be here in Tokyo ...", I heard that I will forget the place I am now.

The river flowed again so as to surround the cafe lounge and the carp was swimming.

The river continues to the atrium garden at the back. When entering the building, I was photographed while being nervous a bit while being kept overwhelmed by the tremendously luxurious interior, but when I saw green, I could relax a bit. In addition, when visiting it is about 9 o'clock in the morning, because some of the other customers are frigid or not.

Although I can go up to the second floor with an elevator near the atrium garden, it is abandon this time because it is a zone where the tour is prohibited.

I found something lavish place at the entrance of the atrium garden.

The inside is a space surrounded by lacquer art mural paintings.

When I go to the back, I find an object with a picture of my lord. It seems that it is a restroom here.

Men's restroom is this. For the moment, I think that it has entered by mistake, it is far from the general restroom.

Inside the restroom, a river flows and a bridge was bridging.

On the ceiling of the washroom are fan-shaped flower-bird paintings and beautiful women between Katori of the former Gajoen. The present lavatory was reproduced by improving the restroom which was considered as a sight at the old Gajoen.

A private room for adding usage.

Open the vermilion door ......

Inside is a large space with toilet and dressing table installed.

There is also a large mirror, so no one can see it and you can arrange your hair style.

When experiencing a gorgeous handwash that would be once in a lifetime, it was just 10 o'clock. The event "Hundred Stage Hina Festival" will start at 10 o'clock so we will return to the entrance in a hurry.

Returning to the entrance, a lot of people are already making rows in search of tickets.

After purchasing tickets, line up in line ......

This spiral workmanship is a beautiful luxurious elevator to the 3rd floor. From there you can see a hundred stage festival.

Unfortunately, there are no images because hundred-stage festival festival is not allowed to shoot. One hundred stairs is the only wooden building currently existing in Gajoen, with hundreds of stairway corridors connecting seven rooms connected. It feels like the room is on the right side as you step up the stairs by 10 to 20 steps. The decoration of the seven rooms is worth a look if different tastes are used. It is an event called "a hundred stage chicks festival" to display the masterpieces of old chicks transmitted to various parts of the country throughout the country.

I thought, "There are hundreds of stages, but I wonder if it is okay." I watched the room every 10 to 20 stages and did not climb the stairs in a stretch so I was not tired enough to worry. Also, even if it says one hundred stages it is actually a point that is ninety-nine steps. Why did it become a ninety-nine stage, "I made it a lucky odd number and made it the biggest in 100 or less" "It is not a perfect figure of 100, but by continuing to ninety-nine, it continues for a long time since then There was a variety of opinions, including the wishes of wanting it.

One hundred staged festival festival has already ended at the time of article publication, but from March 15th to May 15th "Ikebana × hundred step stairs 2016Event is scheduled to be held. Also, in Meguro Gajyoen, a variety of events that allow you to visit the hundred steps of stairs are held for a limited time, so those who care are necessary checks. It was held in 2015Akari in Japanese × one hundred steps"In the event that it was possible to take a picture with a flash and a tripod in all time zones. Whether or not it will be held in 2016 is unknown at the present moment, but people who want to take photos by all means should be checked here as well.

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