It turns out that users who illegally download pirated music are using more money in music

BySteve Parkinson

Although it is said that the music industry and the movie industry are damaged by the act of illegally downloading so-called "pirated" music and movies through the Internet, the findings that reversed this view clearly It was done. The survey results were surprising contents that "people who have experienced downloading content from so-called illegal sites, etc. tend to pay more money to contents than people who are paying properly" .

Bad Company, You Can not Deny | MusicWatch Inc.

The results of this survey are based on the companies that analyze the entertainment industryMusicWatchWhat was clarified by the investigation. According to the survey results, MusicWatch clarifies that there is a reverse element in some cases although understanding that "the industry is being hit by thanks to illegal downloaders" is not wrong.

In 2004, it was speculated that 41 million Americans had experience of illegally downloading music using P2P, but in 2015 the number was estimated to be reduced to almost 22 million people by half In addition, it is estimated that the number of downloaded files themselves also decreased. Looking at these results, it seems likely that we conclude that enlightenment activities "to respect illegal downloading" and "respect the rights of copyright holders" and illegal download crackdown activities were successful, but in fact It seems that things have deteriorated rather than improving because methods are diversified, such as stream ripping, downloading using mobile devices, and swapping files by swapping hard disks themselves.

ByBritany G

In response to this situation, MusicWatch conducted investigations on all forms of illegal downloading methods. As a result, in the age group of 13 to 50 years old, the number of people who have illegally acquired files57 million peopleWe estimate. Nevertheless, the number is increasing, but MusicWatch is even more surprising, 35% of those who have money and have purchased CDs and digital content, 35% have experience of illegal download I am talking. In other words,The problem of illegal downloading is not caused only by a simple reason that "I do not want to pay money"So it became clear.

On the other hand, interesting facts are also revealed. Site dealing with copyright issues and privacy of the net "TorrentFreak"Especially focuses on the fact that people who have experienced illegal downloads are using more money to buy goods, purchase tickets for concerts, and even purchase CDs.

Pirates Spend Much More Money on Music, Study Shows - TorrentFreak

According to the results of MusicWatch 's survey, the total amount of money ordinary Americans including illegal downloaders used for CD or download sales was 19 dollars (about 2300 yen) per person, whereas only illegal downloaders According to statistics, it is found that it increases to 33 dollars per person (about 3700 yen).

Furthermore, it turned out that the same tendency can be seen even if the target is limited only to the person who listens to music. Money used for music in a year by ordinary people who purchased music software was $ 45 (about 5100 yen), whereas illegal downloaders used $ 61 a year (about 7000 yen) for purchasing music Also, it is clear that the tendency to spend a lot of money on music as much as illegal downloaders experienced.

From here, it will lead to a mysterious conclusion that "people who do illegal downloads tend to lose much money in music", but this means "There are many music lovers for illegal downloaders, Even acquiring illegal content with the role of supplementing the content bought and bought, or vice versa, buying money by collecting illegal content and finally not having it " It is thought that it is possible.

In other words, it is derived that a mysterious conclusion that the person who was thought that "destroying the music industry" tends to drop money much to music is derived so far. This of course can not be a defense of illegal downloads, but this fact that reversely overturns the conventional recognition may be a big hint that we have to consider in considering future profitability of the music industry I do not.


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