I ate at "Hidamari Manor" "Three Soup Meat Bowls" of Meat Love Great Delight filled with Charcoal Grilled Grilled Steak and Roast Beef & Pork

For meat lovers"Roast beef bowl" where roast beef reachedThere are more shops offering something to be found, but there is also a savory charcoal grilled steak and a "rice pork with delicious umami condensed"Three Types of Souped Bowl of RiceIt is located in Sakai City, OsakaHidamarian. Even so, it is said that you can eat bowl with meat so much within 1,000 yen, so I actually went and tried meat.

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Hidamarian's address is "3-1-13 Kai-cho East Sakai-ku Sakai Ward, Osaka Prefecture." It is a 4-minute walk from Hosei Station on the Hankyu Electric Orbit Sakanishi Line and a 15-minute walk from Sakai-eki Station on the Nankai Takano Line.

When I visited on Saturday afternoon, it was a very quiet area, but I found a place where only one place is gathered.

This is Hidamarian. The customer is sitting and waiting in front of the shop.

The lunch menu of the day was stuck on the door of the shop. The lunch menu is different from day to day, but when you visit, "3 kinds of soup bowls (small 780 yen, 880 yen in average) and boiled soba beef cow (set 200 yen, single item 250 yen)" were offered .

Not just in front of the shop, people are also sliding across the aisle. When arriving at 11:15 at 11:15 opening, about 30 people were already lined up.

At about 12 o'clock, the queens will look like this.

Finally into the store. Even though it is said to say, it is not guided to the seat at once, and several customers are waiting in the shop, and the menu will be handed over here or ordered first.

About two hours after arriving at the shop, we will finally be seated. I could not find the counter seat, the seat was only a seat and a table.

Sometimes I ordered earlier, so I ordered three kinds of soup bowls immediately arrived.

Donetsu and bowls filled with meat are tremendous force.

Compared with the iPhone 5, this is about this size.

The height is like this.

Steak with plenty of onion sauce on top of the bowl

Roast pork

And roast beef is on top.

Egg yolk, glue paste, piercing, heavy dregs are also topped.

So when you eat a bite of steak for the first time, the smell of the soy sauce base and fragrant charcoal, and the meat juice spread and spread in the mouth. Whether the egg onions included in the sauce is slowly being fried, there is sweetness in the soy sauce, compatibility with moderately soft lean meat is perfect. It is not persistent because there is little fat and you can enjoy the original taste of the meat.

When eating roast pork with rice, the taste of the pork that was tightly condensed and the fatty one that melts a little with hot cooked rice are too exquisite.

Next time I killed egg yolk ... ...

Trolley I enjoyed a combination of mellow yolk and rice and charcoal grilled steak.

There was also a source of horseradish on the table.

There is also a stimulation which the source saw in a mellow, and when it is eaten with rice & meat, elements such as bitterness, aroma and meat juice are involved, and it can only be said that it is happy.

Rice is covered all the time and it is a rice bowl filled with rice and meat only, but adding the accent of egg yolk and sauce and horseradish sauce does not mean "get tired of the taste" at all, it is meaty meat You can enjoy the world of meat and meat. It is also good to have crispy crisp as sprinkles like dolphins are sprinkled.

The set of miso soup was gentle taste.

When I tried to eat roast pork on the last side, I noticed that sliced ​​onion was laid. Not only to simply say "Rice is served with meat!", But also three types of juicy meat can be deliciously eaten to the end while enjoying various taste changes, just like a miracle goods for meat lovers It is supposed to be satisfactory even if you line up.

Although three kinds of sushi meat bowls were offered on the day of the visit, it is also possible to provide 'sashimi' of roast beef & roast pork and 'befushing' with steak on some days. The store said there was also temporary closure, so on the day before the day we want to include what is offered to the lunch menuIt is recommended to check Twitteris.

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