Software that enables unlocking of the iPhone is "equivalent to cancer", and Apple's CEO Tim Cook

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A criminal armed with San Bernardino in California, USA, attacked a welfare facility supporting disabled people "San Bernardino gun shooting incident"Although the US government and Apple continued intense interaction over the unlocking of the criminal's iPhone, Apple's CEO Tim Cook appeared in a news program against a series of situations, and in his own words concerning unlocking I clarified my intention.

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Tim Cook: Unlocking terrorist's iPhone would be 'bad for America'

Regarding San Bernardino gun shooting incident, FBI requested Apple to issue software to unlock the iPhone through court order, Apple refused the request, and Tim Cook told "FBI is inherently In other words, it seems to say to Apple, "Make a back door to avoid iPhone encryption." This is also what Apple has refused for so long, It was until it got out.

Apple refused government request "Make backdoor that can avoid iPhone cipher" - GIGAZINE

Whereas Apple is showing a posture against government pressure, Microsoft and Google have so far revealed a policy to weaken data encryption. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft temporarily suggested FBI support in an interview, but withdrew its support in a subsequent interview.

Bill Gates withdrew FBI backing in the fight against Apple v. FBI, FBI also requested to unlock another iPhone - GIGAZINE

Tim Cook, CEO of Tim Cook who is cooperative in the investigation of terrorism, but has shown its attitude of "risking the privacy of users" against the government's request, is scheduled for February 24, 2016, the United States It appeared in the news program ABC World News Tonight, and the software that FBI is requesting is "like something like gun", made it clear the attitude.

"It is incredibly important to protect people's data, and dealing with the government with this in relation to this will expose people to serious vulnerabilities, we do not intend to do that. It will not be too, "Cook said.

Also, can you hinder the attacks of terrorists by unlocking the iPhone? In response to the question "It is difficult, there are sometimes right, sometimes it is both, this time it is one of those cases."

In addition, Cook said that he wanted to have more dialogue before the government ordered Apple to unlock, saying "We should not have made important things to the country in this way".

In addition, Apple needs to offer in case the court order is invalid, the deadline is February 26, 2016.

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