Meditation is not the placebo effect, but it turned out to change science brains for the first time

ByNickolai Kashirin

Utility such as "stress decreases", "risk of disease decreases"meditationHas attracted attention in recent years,Steve Jobs practices, Or Google in-house trainingIntroducingdoing. Meanwhile, meditation was scarcely enough to show sufficient grounds, but new studies revealed that it is changing the brain of a person from a scientific point of view.

How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body - The New York Times

Alterations in resting state functional connectivity link mindfulness meditation with reduced interleukin-6: a randomized controlled trial

According to the research contents published in Biological Psychiatry magazine, "mindfulness" and "meditation" that "awareness of what you are experiencing at this moment" is not a placebo effect, but actually the state of people's brain He said he could change his health and improve his health condition.

It was Mr. J. David Creswell, Associate Professor of Psychology, the leader of the Health & Human Performance Research Institute of Carnegie Mellon University who led the research. In the study of meditation it is the influence of the placebo effect, but in this research, I think that the subject "correctly learned the way of meditation" and "I thought that I learned the way of meditation correctly, but actually it is wrong Group taught how to teach "was done separately.

The subjects were chosen as men and women with jobs and stress. Subjects were first divided into two groups after blood tests and brain scan, one meditated in the right way, the other said "to relax and get rid of stress" mediated by fake. For example, at this time both groups were told to stretch, but the former was told to pay attention to changes in their body even if they were uncomfortable, the latter said the leader jokes I was told not to pay any attention to the body because it was recommended to talk or to talk.


Three days later, all the participants said to the researchers, "I felt refreshed and helped to endure the stress of unemployment," but as a result of the brain scan, the part related to stress tolerance in the brain became active, The other areas were calm, only the group that studied the right meditation method. A further four months later, the group who learned the right meditation method resulted in a lower level of inflammation in the blood test than the group who studied fake meditation, even though few people continued meditation It was.

Regarding the above points, Associate Professor Creswell said he believes that changes in the brain have helped to reduce inflammation. Also, in this study meditation was done for three days, but at this time it is still unknown how much meditation and mindfulness are needed to obtain the effect.

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