The Chinese government has evacuated about 9,000 people from their settlement for searching for aliens

China is the world's largest radio telescope project "Fast(Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope) "from 2011, but it is obvious that we plan to evict evacuation money to 9110 residents around Guizhou Province, the installation site of the telescope became.

China uproots 9,000 people for huge telescope in search for aliens | World news | The Guardian

The world's largest radio telescope project "Fast" is aimed at intercepting messages transmitted by intellectual living entities from outer space by installing a spherical radio telescope of 500 meters in diameter. The radio telescope is expected to be installed by September 2016, and it will be installed in Puerto Rico with a radio telescope of about 300 meters in diameterArecibo Radio ObservatoryIt is the world's largest observatory that will be over.

The Fast radio telescope is expected to be the state-of-the-art radio telescope incorporating the latest technology of China, it is possible to observe not only intelligent living matter signal interception but also distant asteroids like Mars is. It consists of 4450 triangular panels, scientists of the Fast project claim that if the telescope is filled with wine, seven billion people are huge enough to fill bottles by five bottles.

With the installation of Fast radio telescope, 9110 residents living within the radius of the installation site within 5 km of area will be evicted, compensation for 12,000 yuan per person (about 210,000 yen) to the target residents will be It is said that it is issued. However, it seems that dissatisfaction has come up with compensation which is not sufficient from the residents.

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