Dr. Hawking and others announce the largest extraterrestrial intellectual life exploration project ever in history

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisBecause of the onset,wheelchairThe world famous "wheelchair physicist" who was forced to liveStephen HawkingHe is Dr.Hawking radiationAlthough he is a Dr. Hawking, who is known as a person who has greatly influenced the contemporary cosmology theory, he and his colleague Russian entrepreneur Yuri · Milner, together with Russian entrepreneur Yuri · Milner, to discover the extraterrestrial intelligent life form the largest extraterrestrial We announced intelligent life form exploration (SETI) project.

Breakthrough Initiatives

Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner Announce $ 100M Initiative to Seek ET - Scientific American

SETI, which searches for cosmic cosmologies by extraterrestrial intelligent life forms, has been actively conducted among scientists since the 1960s. Dr. Frank Drake of the astronomer is the first human SETI to use the 85 foot (about 26 m) caliber radio telescope to transmit radio waves between stellar stars outside to search for extraterrestrial life formsOzma projectI started it in 1960. Even though 55 years has already passed since the start of SETI, we have not found any extraterrestrial life forms, not even extraterrestrial intelligent life forms at the present time.

With regard to extraterrestrial life bodies, papers have been announced that living organisms detected at the altitude of 27,000 meters of the earth are "flying from outside the earth ..."

The theory that extraterrestrial insects exist in the Earth's atmosphere was announced - GIGAZINE

Since the eruption of water was confirmed from the surface of Jupiter's satellite "Europa", a large amount of water exists under the outer shell of Europa, and it is thought that there is "an extraterrestrial life entity" there I will do.

Observation of water jetting from the surface of Jupiter's satellite "Europa", step forward to discovering extraterrestrial life forms - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Dr. Hawking, authority of contemporary cosmology and Mr. Muller of Russian entrepreneur announced the biggest SETI plan "Breakthrough Listen" for humanity to discover extra-terrestrial intelligent life forms earlier Did. In this project, the world's largest radio telescope with an opening surface of about 100 meters "Green Bank Telescope"When,Parkes ObservatoryThe radio wave survey using the radio telescope of 64 meters in diameter will be conducted and its sensitivity will be more than 50 times higher than the past SETI survey and the observation range will be more than 10 times higher than the conventional one. Also, in parallel with the electric wave surveyAutomated Planet FinderIt is said that an optical laser survey in the world's deepest and widest range using an optical telescope called also will be conducted. This plan will spend 100 million dollars (about 12.4 billion yen) in 10 years, investigating 1 million stars closer to the earth and 100 star clusters located beyond the Milky Way galaxy as a whole It will be a very large project to do. The project is scheduled to start in 2016.

Green Bank Telescope of the world's largest radio telescope that was to be used in "Breakthrough Listen".

ByTim Menzies

All the vast amounts of data gathered from the survey are scheduled to be released as open source, and the software used and developed by the research team to review and search these data will also be released at the same time as open source Become.

In addition, we are planning to hold an international competition "Breakthrough Message" to select messages to send to extraterrestrial intelligent life forms in the project. In the competition, we are looking for a digital message to convey the existence of humans and the earth to extraterrestrial intelligent life forms, and the total prize money is about 1 million dollars (about 120 million yen). The competition is also an effort to show interest in communication with the extraterrestrial intelligent life entity by the general public.

The state of the interview that Dr. Hawking and Mr. Muller announced "Breakthrough Listen" can be watched in the following movie.

Milner Hawkings on Livestream

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