Charging malfunction was found in Apple's USB-C charging cable, and an exchange program is underway

Apple has started a recall program to collect and exchange some of the USB - C charging cable that was shipped with your MacBook. The applicable USB - C cable can be determined immediately after checking the mark printed on the main body, so it seems better to respond if applicable.

Apple USB-C Charge Cable Replacement Program - Apple Support

The subject of this exchange program is part of the Apple USB-C charging cable that was included in the MacBook until June 2015, and it may break down due to design problems. It is said that even if you connect the MacBook to the power adapter via the target charging cable, it will not be charged or will only be charged intermittently.

In response to this situation, Apple is implementing a program to offer targeted users free of charge a newly designed USB-C charging cable (new). Incidentally,The Apple USB-C charging cable sold separately as an accessory is subject to replacement as wellAnd that.

There are the following differences between the cable that needs to be replaced and the newly designed product after the correspondence.

On the side of the problematic cable, it is printed as "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China" as follows, but after thisSerial number is not printed.

After one countermeasure cable, after a similar stringSerial number is printed.

For those of you who have MacBook users who have valid addresses when registering products or purchasing at the Apple Online Store, a new charging cable will be sent from Apple by the end of February 2016 It is supposed to be.

On the other hand, if you are a MacBook user and are not listed above, you are required to proceed with the exchange procedure in the following way.

· Exchange at a local Apple Retail Store (Before you visit Genius BarreservationThank you.
· NearbyApple Authorized Service ProviderReplace with.
·Apple SupportPlease contact us.

Please note that the deadline for applying this program is until June 8, 2018.

◆ 2016/02/15 13:20 Addendum
I found that the USB Type-C cable that was included with the MacBook in the editorial department of GIGAZINE is a product corresponding to the exchange program. Since MacBook was purchased from the Apple Online Store, the cable after the countermeasure should come forward soon.

◆ 2016/02/26 19: 40 Addendum
A replacement cable has arrived from Apple

Inside the bag, paper with instructions for replacement and USB-C cable

In future it is written that the enclosed USB-C cable is used and the original cable is disposed according to the local regulations etc.

Cable arrived. Naturally, it is a new article of a completely new.

According to the specification, the serial number indicating after the countermeasure was added to the end of the string.

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