It is likely that Twitter will start fixing fixed display of "important new tweets" at the top of the timeline, and ultimately "@" and "Reply" will also be changed

Following lots of accounts on Twitter, it is difficult to see every post every day. To prevent Twitter from overlooking the important tweets of the account being followed, the new timeline function "Tweet algorithm judged by the Twitter algorithm is displayed at the top of the timeline" is the most important "Important new tweets"Was implemented.

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The "New Tweet Highlights" feature already introduced is to display important tweets posted after accessing Twitter the previous time, but in the "Important new tweets", past reply · RT · good She said she was choosing a tweet to consider taking into consideration tweets and accounts that reacted with others. After testing the new function beforehand, it seems that results of RT and Tweets increase.

Although it is possible to set "important new tweets" to be turned on by iOS application, Android application, browser's respectively, at the time of article creation it is possible to change the setting only with the Android application installed on Nexus 6 was. Open the Twitter application and tap "Settings" on the menu.

Tap "Timeline display order".

Tap the box to the right of "Display important new tweet on top".

Setting is completed when a light blue checkmark is attached.

Immediately after changing the setting, "Important New Tweets" was not displayed on the timeline, but if you wait for a while and access it, several "important new tweets" will be displayed at the top of the timeline. Also, by reloading the timeline seems to be able to return to the timeline in normal chronological order.

In addition, the number of new Twitter users is finally entering the minus in the fourth quarter of 2015, and Twitter is thought to be a driving force for a format like Facebook News Feed by repairing the timeline.

Also, according to the shareholder document published by Twitter on February 10, 2016, Twitter abolishes its own rules such as "@ user name" or "@ user name reply tweet", and either new or existing user It is planned to revise the display method to be easy to understand, too.

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