If you compete with the cheat code to save 100 million yen in speed, programming takes on the "work clicker"

Gaming to qualify, affiliate blogging, training program skills, and making "total investment" for yourself as much as possibleWorking clicker"Is merelyCookie Clicker (Cookie Clicker)Rather than skillfully "skilling" by programing cheat codes on your own, you compete for the fastest way to increase assets to 100 million yen. I tried playing at once as to what kind of educational game I can learn programming while dancing.

Worker clicker - zeny.io

First of all, download the file suitable for the system from the above page. Since this time it is used with Windows 7 (64 bit version), click "Download Win64 version".

The downloaded ZIP file is called "ExplzhExtract it with "Hatara - Clicker.exe" in the folder.

The "work clicker" window will be launched.

Click "Start Game" to start the game.

On the left side of the screen, there is an option menu such as "Total Assets" and "Working" buttons on the left side of the screen, and "Optional Menu" such as "Get Qualification", "Start Affiliate Blog", "Purchase Stocks" Basically, you can earn money by clicking the "work" button in the left pane and aim for secondary income in the right pane.

For the time being, click the "work" button. I earned 10 yen. Moreover, the maximum hourly wage is "30 yen" and it is earnings of "Muoshoku Akira".

Although earnings are similar to Muoshoku, it seems that "qualification" is "able to buy" how much it is 10 yen earned. Clicking "Purchase" that appeared to the right of "take entitlement" ... ...

The number of qualifications retained has increased to "1 co." The price of qualification has also increased to 22 yen, so if you next buy qualification you must have total assets of 22 yen or more.

Click "Work" to earn a steady path. Since I got the qualification, the amount that I can earn with 1 click seems to have risen only a little.

Since I accumulated over 500 yen, I will buy "Affiliate Blog". Click "Purchase".

I have reduced my money to 1 yen, but I get an income earned by an affiliate blog. In the future, in addition to earning while working, affiliate income is expected to be obtained on a regular basis.

I will buy "stock" this time with the money saved earnestly. Another source of income earned increased by one.

Hourly wage rises while working, exceeds 500 yen and promoted to "Bite-kun". At the same time, it seems that employment has been decided.

Since I accumulated over 10,000 yen, I decided to buy "land". What a land is a super price of 10,000 yen.

Land has increased by one. The next price is 22,500 yen and the price of the land is rising. In this way I got the third source of income.

And finally got to work hard, finally got a higher pricing "programming skill" than the land finally. With that, the earnings will be up ... .... In the worker clicker, it is a game in which assets are increased while increasing affiliate blogs · stock · land income income while increasing earnings by buying qualifications and programming skills, enriching the portfolio, refining yourself It is a game that competes for skill of increasing assets.

When I bought only affordable "qualifications", I was fooled as "qualification collector".

Finally got to work hard, and hourly wage is over 10,000 yen over "Shacho-Akira".

If you buy an affiliate blog, you will be exposed to humiliating words "go to the ramen shop outside the prefecture only to take good photos on the blog".

High, high programming skill. However, despite all-out reductions of assets, this is an up-front investment for the future. By training programming skills to earn good earnings, I gained the position of "pro · programmer".

Thanks to qualification & purchasing a programming skill, we finally reached hourly wages of "hacker-like".

However, the option is too expensive, so I can not increase assets as easily as I think.

I worked hard for about two hours, and over 26 million yen. It is far from 100 million yen of game clear ... ....

So, we will boil down the business to assets that we can earn but can not increase easily, and finally we begin to create "Cheat Codes". Click "C" on the keyboard, the "Console" window will be launched.

Click "?" In the upper right ... ...

Hints on how to write cheat codes are written. Cheet code can be written in JavaScript and it is OK.

Write the code listed for reference at the top and click "Run" OK. This is a cheat code that simply clicks on the "work" button.

For example, this is a programming code that simply clicks the "work" button and buys "qualification". Working clicker's true purpose is to be able to learn JavaScript programming while trying to code in this way.

If you click "Stop" button, the program stops. It is okay to write trial and error how to increase the total assets quickly, while writing code, while doing it.

While I'm stuck with the "work" button, buying qualifications, stocks and land, the total assets exceeded 100 million yen and the game finally cleared up. It is a monetary amount that I can not get very much without a cheat code. ,

Cheat code that you work 365 times at 1 millisecond intervals to buy one qualification.

This is a cheat code that works 365 times at 1 millisecond intervals and buys qualification and land.

I bought qualifications and land with the above cheat code, and it got to work 100 million yen in 4 seconds if I worked hard.

I made a JavaScript Cheat code with a work clicker and saw 100 million yen in 4 seconds - YouTube

Working clicker is a programming educational game created by Mr. Sho Kusano,Vantan Programmers High Level High SchoolThe thing that I wrote down for the experience classes was made public. By the way, Mr. Kusano's best score is 0.8 seconds. People who remember in the arms and those who want to learn programming, please try the high wall of 100 million yen in 0.8 seconds.

I made a game where I can learn JS called work clicker. - zeny.io

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