An electromagnetic field by a mobile phone base station creates "pain" at the cut part of the limbs

ByTimothy Vogel

We published a paper showing the existence of "pain" generated by facilities emitting electromagnetic energy, such as mobile phone base stations. The paper is attracting attention as a scientific representation of the relation between electromagnetic field and pain.

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The influence of the electromagnetic field on the human body has been discussed before and it seems that there was a series of reports that the person who cut the limbs by surgery feels neuralgia in the cut part around the mobile phone base station. In response to these reports, the research team at the University of Texas hypothesized that "the inflammation (neuroma) of the peripheral nerve occasionally occurring in injured limbs and bones responds to the electromagnetic field" We conducted experiments to clarify the relationship between the electromagnetic field and the neuralgia of the cut section.

The research team divided the 20 experimental mice into two groups, "a group given nerve damage similar to a state that underwent foot cutting surgery" and "a group treated with fake" I conducted an experiment. The experiment is to expose all the mice to the vicinity of the antenna which produces the radio frequency electromagnetic field only once for 10 minutes once a week, and to investigate the change occurring in the body. The electromagnetic field by the antenna was adjusted to the same strength as 39 meters away from the mobile phone base station.

Four weeks after the start of the experiment, neuralgia response was confirmed in 88% of the group receiving nerve injury, and the same response as neuralgia was confirmed in only one group in healthy group. The reaction to that pain occurred as a result of nerve injury when cutting the limbs and it seems that it continued even after "neuroma" which showed severe pain was confirmed.

Dr. Romero-Ortega, who led the experiment, said: "In our experiments, neuralgia due to electromagnetic fields was confirmed before the onset of neuroma, and most mice showed a response to neuralgia right after the experiment started." "The experiment will be the first evidence to prove that the electromagnetic field of mobile phone base station brings pain," he said.

In this experiment, it was shown that "Neuropath is caused by the electromagnetic field in the case of the mouse", it is said that the same thing happens in the human body, the research to prove it is not at the time of writing the article . If the electromagnetic field is giving pain to those who are forced to cut the limbs, it will be expected for further research to prove it.

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