Cinnamon is effective in treating Parkinson 's disease, symptom improvement such as motor function in mouse experiment

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Parkinson's diseaseAnd the brainNigraIt slowly degenerates cells by affecting it, and is a difficult-to-treat disease of gradual progressive disease that decreases important neurotransmitters and dopamine. Due to the reduction of dopamine at the time of physical quiescenceTremor(Tremor) · bradykinesia · muscle stiffness in limbs · postural retention reflex disorder. The number of patients in the United States and Canada is 1.2 million and the number of patients in Japan is estimated to be about 140,000 or more, Parkinson's disease whose cause is unknown and treatment is not established yet,Rush University Medical CenterOf the scientists in the spice "cinnamon"It is effective in research to stop the progression of Parkinson's disease.

Cinnamon May Be Used to Halt the Progression of Parkinson's Disease

Journal of Neuroimmune PharmacologyAccording to the paper by the neuroscientist at the University of Rush Medical Center published at the spice "cinnamon"Caused anatomical changes in the brain cells of Mus musculus which developed Parkinson's disease, and it was possible to cause biodynamic retrograde.

Research director Dr. Kalipada Pahan and Professor Floyd A. Davis said, "Cinnamon is a spice that has been popular for centuries all over the world and is the most safe to potentially stop disease progression in patients with Parkinson's disease It will be one of the approaches. " When ingesting cinnamon, food additives andHyperammonemia"FDA approved drugs that are also used as"Sodium benzoateIt is metabolized in the liver as. Two of the most popular cinnamon in the United States are "cinnamon" and "ceylon · cinnamon", both of which are metabolized to sodium benzoate, but as a result of mass spectroscopic analysis, Ceylon · cinnamon has high purity, the cinnamon Has a hepatotoxic effectCoumarinWe know that it contains a lot.


In the brains of people suffering from Parkinson's diseaseDJ-1It is known that such important proteins are known to decrease, but research indicates that sodium benzoate that is metabolized after ingesting powdered cinnamon reaches the brain,Parkin proteinAnd stopping the decrease of DJ-1 · Protection of neurons · Standardization of neurotransmitter level · Improvement of motor function were seen in experiments using mouse.

For this researchThe National Institutes of HealthWe also provide financial assistance. In the next phase, it is said that it is necessary to use powdered cinnamon for human patients, "If the same results as in mice are obtained in patients with Parkinson's disease, treatment for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease It will be a significant advancement, "Dr. Pahan says.

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