An airplane with an explosion and a large hole drew an emergency landing, and a movie showing the audience appearance at the time of explosion is being released on YouTube

East African "A corner of AfricaSomalia in the area called 'Safety is known as the worst country in the world. movies"Black Hawk DownOr the president of Sushi ZamaiSomali piracy problemThere are many people who said that only the name was heard by talking about. An airplane departing from Mogadishu International Airport in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, exploded in the air and returned to the airport with a large hole in the aircraft. A movie showing the state of the airplane inside such a flight is released on YouTube.

Somali jet makes emergency landing in Mogadishu after onboard explosion | World news | The Guardian

An airplane flying from Mogadishu International Airport in Somalia towards Djibouti in the same East Africa exploded at an altitude of 12,000 to 14,000 feet (about 3700 to 4300 meters).CNNAccording to the report, the exploding plane is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates "Daro AirlinesFlight D 3 159. Although the explosion was not so powerful as to destroy the airplane in its entirety, I opened a hole of a size that allows people to pass on the aircraft side.

Looking at the hole in the explosion from the inside of the aircraft is like this.

Looking from the outside like this.

It is currently unknown whether this explosion is due to "bomb" or "rupture of pressure regulator". However, if "the rupture of the pressure regulator", soot should not be made around the hole, says John Goguria, former member of the National Transportation Safety Commission of the United States. Also, Mr. Mohamed Ali, who was aboard the flight, told the Associated Press, "I do not know if it is due to a bomb or a breakdown of instruments, but we heard a loud noise called Dokan in the cabin Comment. Likewise, the pilot of the flight is also saying "I think it is a bomb," and the aircraft expert who saw the picture of the aircraft with the hole also commented that it is "similar to the detonation device damage."

According to Somali aviation authorities, 74 passengers on D3159 flight were injured, two of whom were injured. However, the local reporter reported that "One man has fallen from a hole in the aircraft due to explosion"NHKAlso reported that one passenger was thrown out and died. However, passengers commented that the confusion at the time of explosion "could not confirm whether the man fell or not". However, Mohamed Hassan, a police officer in the city of Ballard in a distance of about 18 miles from Mogadishu, said the local residents found the dead body of the elderly who seemed to have fallen from the plane.

Vladimir Vodpevetche, a 64-year-old pilot who was maneuvering the D3159 flight when the explosion occurred, said Belgrade's local mediaBlic"I thought that it was a bomb (listening to the explosion) Fortunately, the air traffic control system was not damaged and I was able to return to the airport, but this kind of flight I have never experienced it, and the pressure has gone through in the rooms, I must thank God for death. "

Also on the flight is Mr. Awale Kullane, Deputy Ambassador to the UN of Somalia, who is on Facebook, "At the moment I heard a loud noise, I could not see anything, but smoke has gone up for a few seconds "" "(I noticed that some of the airplanes are gone) (since visibility came back)". However, these posts have already been deleted.

A movie showing the state of D3159 flight just after such explosion is released on YouTube.

Somali Airliner Returns to Airport after Onboard Explosion - YouTube

When the movie starts. Many passengers are still sitting in their seats, but you can see that the oxygen mask is coming down around the center of the room.

And inside the cabin which shakes little by little.

After a while, a single male passenger stood up and moved to the rear of the cabin.

After that, the passengers sitting near the center of the plane start to move all at once. The movie photographer seems to have been sitting on a relatively rear seat, so it will not move inside the plane.

Suddenly directing the camera to the floor of the guest room, a lot of small waste such as feathers are scattered in large quantities and it is understood that these are drifting also in the air.

After a while more, one male helps the female customer who was not able to move the seat.

When the photographer turns the camera behind himself, it turns out that there are many passengers in the plane. Also, some passengers can watch oxygen masks.

With this, almost no passengers are in the space before the photographer.

Anyway, the noise is so bad that I can hardly hear the voice, but I can understand that the surroundings are in confusion.

I took a picture of a part with a hole in the fuselage by camera's zoom.

If you look closely you can see the appearance of several passengers in front of the room.

While many passengers are in a panic, some people record the situation on smartphones just like photographers.

Is it fear becoming peaked and becoming expressionless or is it a facial expression with confidence convinced of being saved ... ....

After a while, I succeeded safely landing safely. It approaches the place where the hole opened.

It is here that there was a hole in the aircraft. Although it may be hard to understand the size feeling, it has a considerably larger hole than the window inside the cabin.

From another angle. Whether people actually fell from here or not is unknown at this point because the information is interleaved, but it is no doubt that it is a hole large enough for adult men to pass lightly.

In Somalia, there is also information that Islamic radical groups are repeating terrorist incidents, but at the time of writing articles there is no statement of a crime.

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