To be able to live longer by destroying aged cells


A disease that develops in the middle age and progresses chronically to the old ageGeriatric diseaseIt is called geriatric disease, and includes various diseases such as heart disease and malignant tumor. Mouse experiments carried out by molecular biologists showed that destruction of senescent cells in the body could stop or delay the onset of geriatric diseases and the possibility that human beings could be effective also came out.

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Destroying worn-out cells makes mice live longer: Nature News & amp; Comment

As animals get older, senescent cells that are in a state where cell division is impossible accumulate in the body. Senescent cells generate molecules that cause harm to surrounding tissues, which are related to geriatric diseases such as renal failure and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Darren Baker and Dr. Jan van Deursen of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, conducted experiments using rats to examine what changes occurred in the body when destroying senescent cells.


Experiments conducted by research teams led by Dr. Daishi made genetic manipulations of mice in which senescent cells died when administered with the drug AP20187 and genetically engineered senescent cells over time and showed no difference in health status It is to investigate what will happen. Experimental results revealed that the kidneys of mice with senescent cells are more healthy than senescent cells amplified mice and the hearts recover from stress earlier than mice. Mice with senescent cells killed more actively than the other, and the onset of cancer was also slow. To summarize the experimental data, it was found that mice with senescent cells died 20 to 30% longer than senescent cells amplified mice.

In this experiment, both doctors announced in 2011 that deletion of mouse senescence cells can delay the onset of geriatric diseasethe studyIt is a continuation of.

Molecular biologists, including Dr. Baker and Dr. Deursen, are working on the development of drugs that directly destroy senescent cells in humans or drugs that stop the generation of molecules that harm the surrounding tissues And that. In addition, Dr. Deursen has already patented drugs that destroy senescent cells or restrict function.

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Dr. Dominic Withers, a clinical scientist at Imperial College London said, "Experiments done by Dr. Baker and Dr. Deursen showed that senescent cells play an important role in the pathogenesis of geriatric disease. I think that coping with senescent cells can be an option for treating geriatric diseases, "I am evaluating the experiment.

Whether this experiment will be a new hope for those who are suffering from geriatric diseases, it will be expected to develop in the future.

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