I went to EXPOCITY to see the state under construction of "REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL", the biggest Ferris wheel in Japan

Large complexEXPOCITY(Expo City), a Ferris wheel of 120 meters high in Japan, which reminds me of the huge Ferris wheel of "Expoland"REDHORSE OSAKA WHEELIt is under construction. Since the observation platform which can see the construction site in close proximity is installed, we saw how the Ferris wheel gradually approached completion.

REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL (Red Horse Osaka Wheel) | Japan's largest large complex EXPOCITY - Expo City -

When EXPOCITY Grand Opening on November 16, 2015,NifrelIn the back of the building of the building, the red crane car looked like a chill.

EXPOCITY Looking from the grass square in the center "the square of the sky"Pokemon EXPO gymA crane car is visible at the top of Pikachu.

I tried turning to the back side of the building of Nifrel.

The crane car is assembled in a complex shape. The framework of the Ferris wheel had not been built yet.

When visiting at the end of December 2015, a triangular pillar was completed. The surrounding crane cars are growing even higher.

A signboard of "OSAKA WHEEL" was attached to the center part of the support column.

When the year came and it came in the middle of January 2016, it came closer to completion so that the frame of the Ferris wheel could be seen from the passage from Expo Memorial Park Station to EXPOCITY station.

I will enter the site of EXPOCITY.

I saw OSAKA WHEEL from the sky square. As the work progresses, the number of crane vehicles is increasing.

The signboard part looks something like this.

I will go to the observation platform where you can see the state under construction.

The roof to the observation deck is transparent so you can see the state of the Ferris wheel on rainy days.

Going through the aisle in accordance with a sign saying "Ferris wheel Maruot spot under construction is here!"

There is a large space, and looking at construction as you turn to the right.

Discover a signboard stating "Ferris wheel Maruota spot". Since it is illustrated how the Ferris wheel is made, it is becoming clear at a glance which stage is being advanced to what stage.

Although the framework of the Ferris wheel is gradually assembled, it seems that it will take a little longer to approach the shape like a Ferris wheel.

The sun tower is visible as a sharp side across the framework.

The crane lifting the material was moving shortly after the rest.

"High altitude work necessarily used safety band"

Construction of the foundation part is being pursued in parallel.

A lot of workers are involved in construction.

The figure of a worker who rides on a gondola for high place work and checks the framework is also.

The stairs down to the first floor were off limits.

I think that it leads to the platform of OSAKA WHEEL and the curtain is stretched in the opening ... ...

Looking from the side, the aisles were not connected yet.

The passage part connecting to the platform and the pillar supporting the passage are like this.

Stairs going from the first floor to the platform are steadily under construction.

On the opposite side of the platform, we opened a café & bar ahead of the opening of the Ferris wheelREDHORSE MARUMIE PLAZA"Is open.

Imagine the Ferris wheel, put the custard pudding inside the donut-shaped white pudding, drawn a round pattern around the chocolate sauce "Marmi ferris wheel pudding"(600 yen including tax) etc can be eaten.

I will also turn around the back side of the Ferris wheel and look at it.

Looking from the side of the building of Nifrel it looks like this.

During welding operation

A signboard with a logo of "REDHORSE" was also prepared.

It seems that the stand part is approaching completion considerably.

"Ferris wheel in Japan to be opened in the spring of 2016"

I looked up from the bottom.

Also, a fixed point shooting camera written "Ferris wheel photographing" was installed in the sky square. When the Ferris wheel is completed in the spring of 2016, the state under construction may be released as time lapse images etc ......

◆ 2016/03/07 Additional notes
When I visited EXPOCITY in late January, a sign written "REDHORSE" was attached to the steel frame. The following pictures were taken from inside the Osaka monorail.

Looking from where I left the station of Expo Memorial Park, it is like this.

The steel frame looks symmetrical from the top of the building of Nifrel.

Construction of the railroad side of the Osaka monorail was carried out as the construction of the steel frame of the one visible from the site of EXPOCITY was almost completed.

Along the steel frame, the rail was mounted as if to say.

The photos taken from Suita JCT on the Meishin expressway in early March are as follows. A steel frame was assembled radially in the center of the Ferris wheel, and it began to be understood as a Ferris wheel even from a long distance.

Looking from the side, it is like this.

◆ 2016/04/12 postscript
In late March 2016, the structure of the central axis of the Ferris wheel can also be seen well from the Expo Memorial Park Station.

It turns to the back side of Nifrel and looks up at the Ferris wheel, it looks like this.

High altitude work using a crane is continuing.

It seems that the landing part is gradually approaching completion.

Disk-shaped devices appear to be used to rotate the Ferris wheel.

From within the EXPOCITY premises, it looks like the following.

A white wheel shines well in the blue sky.

From the interior of the monorail, the appearance of the Ferris wheel gradually became visible.

OSAKA WHEEL initially planned to open in the spring of 2016, but the Grand Open is officially decided on Friday, July 1, 2016. The height is 123 meters in Japan, and the floor surface of all gondolas is made of transparent glass and the ground is planned to be "see-through structure" of the skewed.

OSAKA WHEEL (oosaka wheel) If you go to EXPOCITY, there is a Ferris wheel in Japan!

◆ 2016/05/26 added
When I visited EXPOCITY at the end of May, the Ferris wheel was approaching a pretty completed shape.

It looks like this from the sky square.

The characteristic circular framework is almost assembled, and it seems that the rest is completed by setting the gondola on the circumference.

I will also go to see the Ferris wheel's platform.

A roof was set up in the aisle to the platform and covered with blue sheets.

The passage is like this.

The stairs going to the platform from the first floor is also completed.

Looking at the Ferris wheel from the Expo Memorial Park side is like this.

Compared to monorail vehicles, you can see how the Ferris wheel is huge.

From diagonally below.

At high altitude, construction was continued with a gondola for work that was suspended from the crane.

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OSAKA WHEEL, the largest elevated floor in Japan with a height of 123 m, completed in EXPOCITY, came a quick ride - GIGAZINE

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