"Ryuichi" trailer & this visual public release

As I commented that starring Matsuyama Kenichi "I think he is well removed"Special information that showed a splendid exitFollowing on, the trailer video of the movie "Ryuiki" and this visual was released. Some of the co-starsPresented at the end of December 2015Although it is being done, you can see that you are more addicted to moving than moving pictures.

Movie "Ryuichi" official website

First of all, this visual is kore. Matsuyama Kenichi 's leading actress has added impact to the visuals, and dark characters were added.

And a more rich trailer is this.

Movie "Zenki" trailer - YouTube

Hoka hoca and steaming steak Toei logo

Frequently, Gen Xu is speaking.

Is this "ichi ● here?"

What is suddenly, "Hey, Chi is here" This conversation ... ....

Taro Yamada: Matsuyama Kenichi

Gen Xuan: Kuraki Kana

Original character of the movie · Ryu Shosaku: Mizotabe Junpei

Shiroi: Takeyama Shozo & Baha role: Takashi Sasano

Taizo Nakamura: Yoichi Hotarui

Taro Yamada before transformation: Pierre Taki

"Fritin, do not pass!"

Rampage "Ukki!"

Nakamura Yasuzo's head on something ......

Narration enters into "It's only Ryuui only to make this super-headed content like a movie with such an all-star cast", but certainly awesome casting.

Genki of anger

Anyway, feeling made by condensing the interesting essence of the original

Mr. Garaga showed some cheerfulness ......

"Cute, huh ha ha ... ..." That's it.

After watching it is a trailer that will get tired of Tsukkomi. What on earth are the contents of this story ....

© Mangaro / Shueisha · "Ryuuyo" production committee

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