NTT DoCoMo announces "DoCoMo's Student Discount", carries out discounts of 6 GB and monthly rental fee of 1,300 yen and competes against au, SB

NTT DoCoMo announced that it will start discount plan "DoCoMo Student Discount" for users under 25 years old from January 21, 2016. This measure seems to follow the school discount / data increment plan already announced by au, SoftBank, and this is the composition that all three major carriers provide the student discount plan.

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Press Release Presentation: "DoCoMo Student Discount" Implemented | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

"DoCoMo Student Discount" announced by NTT DoCoMo present 6 GB monthly monthly monthly monthly monthly monthly monthly fee of 1300 It is a campaign to discount yen.

DoCoMo already provided a discount plan that gives a monthly data amount of 1 GB to users under 25 years old at "U25 support fare" and discounts 500 yen per month for basic monthly charges, but this time the DoCoMo Student Discount "monthly data amount is further increased by 5 GB and a further discount of 1300 yen per month in addition to" U25 support fare "in order to discount basic monthly fee by 800 yen every month. Breakdown of increment / increase is as follows.

As for the data capacity gift campaign, au isAnnounces plans to increase 5 GB every month until 25 years oldImmediately after that announcement SoftBankIncrease from 3 GB to 6 GB from conventionalIt seems that NTT docomo also joined this flow in the situation where heating was seen.

The conditions under which "docomo school discount" is applied are as follows.

The acceptance period of this campaign is from January 21 (Thursday) 2016 to May 31 (Tue) of 2016, and users who meet the applicable conditions automatically apply the campaign, so they are separately It is not necessary to apply for. In addition, in the case of a model change with the NTT docomo contract, confirmation is necessary beforehand because provisions such as the necessity to use the current model for 18 months or more are set.

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