SOFTBANK MOBILE launches "All-you-can-just Flat", the White Plan also renewed

On the 5th this monthSOFTBANK MOBILE has the possibility to introduce "all-you-can-eat flat" as a new option plan in the near futureI told you that today, today "All you can do packet flat"Has been officially announced.

In addition,"White Plan" renewed to a plan that discounts on the premise of continued use in two yearsWill be done, and as in other companies, full-scale "two-year tied up" will be introduced.

Details are as below.
Renewed the "White Plan", leave basic charge of 980 yen, plus additional benefits! Start Offering Packet Flat-rate Service such as "Packetized Flat All-in-One" ~ | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE will renew the "White Plan" for users who newly join, already subscribed, and who wish to transition from April 27, 2010 (Tue) .

The renewed white plan isBy using the base monthly fee of 980 yen, by continuing to use it for two years, the plan for which the basic monthly fee for 2 months from the next month of contract renewal month is free will be plannedIn the case of cancellation during the contract period and changing to a rate plan other than "white plan", it is said that 9975 yen contract cancellation fee is required.

In addition, a packet flat rate plan for mobile phones compatible with wireless LAN "Mobile phone Wi-Fi dedicated packet flat rateCan also be used on iPhone and smartphone "X series"All you can do packet flat"It is said that packet communications will be available at a monthly flat-rate usage fee of 4410 yen.

By the way, when using "PC site browser" of mobile phones and "PC site direct" of X series, the upper limit of the fixed amount is 5985 yen,A campaign in which the upper limit of the flat-rate charge will be 4410 yen per month for X series users who subscribed to "Packet all you flat" from April 27 (Tue) 2010 to November 30 (Tue) 2010Is also implemented.

In response to this, the main packet flat-rate service that can be subscribed with a rate plan such as "White Plan", from April 27, 2010 (Tuesday), newly released "Packet all you flat" and "All you can do with the packet"For smartphones and"Packet unlimited for smartphone (packet fixed amount full)It is said to be.

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