Mobile fuel cell "JAQ" capable of generating electricity with water and salt will appear in 2016

I think that many people carry an external mobile battery to worry about the remaining battery level of the smartphone, but in 2016, it seems that a device capable of generating electricity by mounting a cartridge type fuel will appear. I have reviewed before even GIGAZINEPortable charger with built-in hydrogen fuel cell "myFC POWER CHARGER"MyFC's newly announced fuel cell device "JAQ"Is a compact mobile fuel cell that can generate electricity with water and salt as a fuel and can supply power from a USB terminal to a terminal such as a smartphone.

The fuel cell charger that electricity from water and salt - myFC - Instant Green Energy

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell

JAQ is a Swedish company "MyFC"Newly announced portable size fuel cell equipment. Outer main body part with fine unevenness and fuel cartridge inserted into it "PowerCard"It is divided into fuel cartridges so that electricity generation and power supply can be performed one after another.

The body of JAQ is like this. Although the USB terminal for outputting electric power is provided at the bottom of the main unit, there is no power input terminal like the mobile battery used by many people. This is a characteristic unique to fuel cells that can generate electricity by themselves.

The cartridge is designed to insert into the slot of the main body like this. Water and salt are enclosed in the cartridge, and it is said that hydrogen necessary for power generation of the fuel cell is generated. With regard to this "fuel" which is said to be "general salt" at the announcement and site of MyFC, there is a possibility that sodium silicide (NaSi) which generates hydrogen by reacting with water is used, but the statement There is no pattern to be done.

Fuel cell is a device that extracts electric power by reacting fuel such as hydrogen chemically, and this JAQ is a small version of fuel cell itself. Inside the main body is built-in a power generating device comprising an electrode used for power generation and a solid polymer membrane, and as a generatorPolymer electrolyte fuel cellIt is said to be a type that is classified as.

The power generating capacity which is worrisome is that it is possible to take out 1800 mAh of electric power from one Power Card and it is possible to output 5 V / 1A of electric power from the USB terminal. I do not seem to be able to fully charge Android phone smartphones from scratch, but it seems that if it is an iPhone terminal somehow it has the ability to charge up to a place close to full charge. In addition, PowerCard is disposable type, unfortunately it seems that it can not be used only by simply replenishing water and salt.

MyFC was held in Las Vegas, USACES 2016It is announced at the same time that real marketing is coming up too soon.Some press coverageThe JAQ will be a monthly service with a monthly charge of $ 4.9 (about 600 yen / 24-month contract), and if the bulk purchase of fuel PowerCard is about $ 1.5 to $ 2 (about 180 yen ~ 240 yen) It is seen as becoming.

In addition, it is possible to see in the following article how you actually use POWER CHARGER (now "PowerTrekk") sold by myFC.

Hydrogen fuel cell built-in portable charger "myFC POWER CHARGER" which can generate electricity only by water and can charge smaho was actually used - GIGAZINE

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