Movie "Slow Motion Overload" filmed with super slow as the moment of destroying various things with bullets

It is a slow motion movie which can be taken with ease with the camera of the iPhone, but if you use it it is possible to capture the event that happens in a short time that can not be recognized by human eyes. Even bullets launched from firearms will fly quickly so that they can not usually be handled by human eyes. A movie capturing how such bullets destroy objectsSlow Motion Overload」Has been released on YouTube, it seems like oblique imagination to be destroyed by bullets with various movements by things.

Slow Motion Overload - YouTube

That's why I first destroyed the apple.

A bullet flew away ......

Landing on the left side.

And the projectile comes out from the right side ......

The contents of the apples blow up gradually from where the bullet penetrated.

And at the end it bursts explosively.

Then water balloon.

This time also landing on the left side.

And bullet penetrated from the right side ... ...

The balloon gradually tears.

And after a long time passed since the bullet penetrated, all the balloons ruptured and the water splashed at once.

Next is a banana.

The moment of landing.

The bullet penetrates.

At this point the banana keeps its original shape firmly.

The shape of the banana gradually changes after the bullet penetrates ... ...

The last is bursting with Dopan.

light bulb

Lit the top of the light bulb.

A crack at a stroke enters the bulb before the bullet penetrates ......

By the time the bullet penetrates the whole bulb bursts.

Para para-sara glass is scattering ... ....

Only the filament remained. It is clear that the speed at which impacts are transmitted from the landing portion to other places is significantly different depending on the object.

Next is a hamburger.

Land on ... ...

Penetration. At this point, all but the two ends of the hamburger are kept original.

After that, both sides of the hamburger gradually began to crash ... ...

At the end the whole was scattered.

I will destroy the banana again with bullets, but this time I will change the incident part of the bullet.

A bullet penetrated from the tip of a banana ... ...

A bullet advances inside the banana.

The surface of the banana tears from the left to the right as if to synchronize with the bullet movement ......

By the time the bullet flew out, the banana had changed into an outrageous form.

After that, the banana could not withstand the impact and it ruptured vertically.


A bullet flew away and hit a string with fire.

Only the fire disappeared.


A bullet hits the card ... ...

Two cards are clean.


I landed on a plastic bottle with a cola.

And it will penetrate. There is not much change at this point ... ...

After the bullet penetrated, a cola blew out of the landing point ......

The momentum of the injecting cola gradually increases ... ...

Finally, while rotating the entire Gourgulun and PET bottle, it is clear that the inside of the PET bottle is also stirred inside.


From here bullets will come to fly at the same time instead of one shot.


Then the upper part of the ham scatters ... ...

I will fly with the pawn.


The moment the shot was hit. It is clear that the impact is transmitted from the impact point to the surface of the balloon.

The balloon ruptured without overcoming the momentum of the bullet.

The moment when the balloon ruptures is a moment, but it is a must-see because it has a very interesting movement when looking at slow motion.

ice cream

Let it hit a container containing ice cream.

The right side of the container is swollen with Mokomoko ......

A bullet pops out.

After that, ice popped out of the container ... ...

I will fly along with the container in the direction the bullet has popped out.

I shoot candle again.

Now the bullet hits the brazen firmly.

It was a mysterious scene that the state where the wax spreads is like a liquid and it is like a solid.


The moment of landing.

When landing, milk quickly blows out of the container ... ...

Milk scatters enough to cover the whole screen. It was the most ruptured material in the movie.

At the end attacked PET bottle with water.

A bullet enters from the lid part of the plastic bottle ......

Penetration. The trajectory of the bullet is foamy ... ...

I think that this bubble has inflated a bit ... ...

Expanding to the whole and finishing. The water in the PET bottle absorbed the shock and the contents did not splash outfully.

The speed at which the shock of bullets is transmitted by thing is totally different, and the way of explosion is also vastly different, so it is worth a look.

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