Star Wars' "BB - 8" toy droid to move with "force"

It was released in September 2015,BB-8 toy that comes out in the movie "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force"I was able to operate with a smartphone, but a new "Force Band" appeared, and when I wore it I was able to run BB - 8 with "Force 's power".

Sphero's new Star Wars watch lets you control BB-8 - CES 2016 - YouTube

It's The Verge's challenge to manipulate forcesRoss MillerMr. I already have a force band on my right wrist.

While receiving guidance, when folding the right arm so that it stands in front of you ... ...

BB - 8 approached the corner.

Since the operation just moves the hand like this, it really makes me feel as if I'm manipulating with the force.

There seems to be several designs of the force band.

Giving out my right hand ......

BB-8 running with korokoro

When I move my hand with Sue, ...

It turns smoothly according to the movement.

Even being able to operate the BB - 8 with a smartphone or tablet was exciting thing, but this band is sure to entertain more operation. I would like sales to begin in Japan as soon as possible.

BB-8 | Sphero Japan

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