Finally the VR headset "Oculus Rift" starts pre-ordering

The immersive VR headset "Oculus Rift"Rumor that it will appear in 2015Although there was, there was never actually to appear. However, on January 4, 2016 local time Oculus finally announced the start of the pre-order on the blog.

Blog - Oculus Rift Pre-Orders to Open on January 6

Early reservation start time is 8 o'clock on January 6 th Pacific standard time, 1 o'clock on 7 th January 2016 in Japan time. Although we do not mention specification details and prices on blogs, the product version is expected to be higher than the developer kit previously released for $ 350 (about 41,100 yen). Also, when you buy Oculus Rift "Lucky's Tale"Or"EVE: ValkyrieIt comes with games such as "Free".

The countdown is ongoing on the website as follows.


In addition, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey announces on Twitter that pre-ordering is not limited to the United States and that it can be done from all over the world.

Furthermore, Mr. Luckey from 18 o'clock on January 6th Pacific timeReddit AMAWe are planning to appear in Oculus Rift development and can ask Alecolle about development.

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Reservation start, price & shipping time of VR headset "Oculus Rift" finally found out - GIGAZINE

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