"Bicycle highway" brought to birth can be skipped without signal pears and speed unlimited

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In Europe and the United States, bicycle exclusive lane is set on side road of automobile road, and bicycle is treated as one of important transportation method. You can travel non-stop without worrying about pedestrians and signals on such bicyclesBicycle highwayThe idea is starting in Germany.

Germany gives green light to bicycle highways - AFP.com

In Germany there is a highway known for having a speed unlimited section "AutobahnThere is, however, the construction of a highway exclusively for bicycles which can also be called "a bicycle outburn" has begun. The final total length is over 100 km, the first 5 km has been completed. We plan to connect to 10 major cities and 4 universities, workers and students can eliminate the lack of exercise by bicycle commuting, and benefits such as alleviating congestion in urban areas and improving air pollution are expected.

There is no signal on a highway exclusively for bicycles with a width of 4 meters, and there is no signal, an overtaking lane is also set up, and underground roads or overpasses are set up in places where there are intersections of motorway roads so that they can run without bridging on bicycle It is designed to. There are 2 million people living within 2 kilometers of the road, and because there is lighting, it is possible to run at night and in the winter snow removal will also be done.

The construction cost of 5 km already constructed has been divided by 50% in European Union (EU), 30% in North Rhine-Westphalia Province and 20% in Regional Development Organization RVR. Finally, it is estimated that it will require 180 million euros (about 23.5 billion yen) to establish a bicycle highway of 100 km or more, and financing is a major issue. Assistance is also expected due to increased demand for electric bicycles and electric assisted bicycles, and if the bicycle highway is completed, RVR is predicting, "It will lead to a 50,000 car running reduction every day." Since 10% of domestic trips are taking place on a bicycle, the German Bicycle Association (ADFC) claims to be "a bicycle infrastructure" as a type of transportation infrastructure that "you should be able to receive at least 10% of the government's transportation-related budget" doing.

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