SkyCycle exclusively for bicycles is conceived in London

Netherlands with bicycle exclusive laneAlthough both "name" and "bicycle big country" are planned in England · London "SkyCycleIf realized, the bicycle power may become a synonym of Britain.

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Foster promotes "cycling utopia" named SkyCycle above London railways

In London City where road conditions are overcrowded, it is desirable to use a bicycle instead of an automobile for commuting, but in the current situation that bicycle safety is not ensured such as 14 cyclists died in a traffic accident in 2013. In response to this situation,Exterior Architecture,Foster + Partners,Space SyntaxCooperatively, announced and announced the bicycle exclusive road "SkyCycle" which should also be called "bicycle highway".

In the SkyCycle concept, a bicycle-only road is installed on the railway along the railway network extending from the suburbs to the city center. As SkyCycle can not pass cars as well as pedestrians, it is like a pedestrian-less cyclist heaven.

SkyCycle is planned to have a total distance of 220 kilometers along the existing railway network and 200 entrances from the ground, which is much lower than paving a new road or digging a tunnel newly It is cost. Currently, 6 million people live in the proposed SkyCycle network, half of which are said to be able to reach SkyCycle within 10 minutes by bicycle. And from each entrance there is inflow of 12,000 bicycles per hour, and it is estimated that commuting time will improve to within 29 minutes on average.

Mr. Foster + Partners architect Norman Foster said, "There is a need for a city that can be walked or cycled without relying on automobiles.SkyCycle enhances the safety of cycling to enhance the quality of life in London I believe that. "

ByTejvan Pettinger

In London, the population is expected to increase by 12% over the next 10 years, and traffic congestion is expected to become even worse. If SkyCycle realizes a richer life by alleviating traffic congestion, London will definitely become the world's top bicycle powerpower and it will likely have a big impact on many cities around the world.

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