An application will be developed that "hacks" the signal to safely cross the road


As a way for pedestrians to cross the road safely, it is best to "Keep signals and cross crosswalks", but as you get older, scenes that you have difficulties to cross on a wide pedestrian crossing Will come out. An application that "usefully hacks" the signal and extends the time of the green light to be useful is developed and tested in the Netherlands.

The slow lane: Dutch app allows elderly to 'hack' traffic lights | Cities | The Guardian

In the Netherlands, we have invested 600 million euros (about 77.2 billion yen) for improving transportation systems since 2013, as the population density is rising and the aging of the constituent population is progressing. One of its core features is the introduction of a "smart traffic light" that adjusts the length of the signal so that pedestrians can pass safely and that freight vehicles can run smoothly in urban areas.

Maastricht in the southern part of the Netherlands has begun replacing regular traffic lights since June 2017 and within the year 1250 signals in the Netherlands will be smart traffic lights.

According to the estimation by the Ministry of Transportation, the economic effect when traffic signals of 5,500 cities in Japan are all smart traffic signals is estimated at 90 million euros (about 11.6 billion yen) annually due to realization of traffic safety, elimination of congestion, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions It is said to rise.

And in Tilburg, the sixth city of the Netherlands, "Smart cross applicationThe test of "is progressing. What I developed is involved in improving traffic systemsDynniqAt present, 10 people actually use the application in the town and are testing.

The application uses the GPS and sensor to check the state of the signal near the user's place. If the button of the application is pressed with the green light signal of the user crossing the signal, extend the green light time.

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One tester, Noud Rommen, is 71 years old. On a long crosswalk it was impossible to pass between the green lights and wait for the signal to change again in the median strip and even if I knew it was bad it was sometimes to see the time when the car was interrupted and crossed it is. However, it came to be able to cross crosswalks without imposing excessive force after using the application.

In Dynniq, it is said that it is developing a similar application that is intended for cyclists that detect signals more quickly, and those for visually impaired people who inform the user of the color of the signal by voice or vibration.

Already there are systems in the country where police cars, fire trucks, ambulances come close to the signal, it becomes preferentially blue, but in Tilburg it is also possible to use pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly road networks 25 It is planned to make it by year plan.

The test content will be verified in the fall of 2017. Mark Clijsen, who is involved in urban planning at the Tilburg city council, said that if the result is good, updates to smart traffic lights are expected to occur at one pace every two weeks.

If the introduction of "smart traffic light" and the introduction of automatic driving car are combined, the traffic situation in the urban area may be unimaginable.

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