I have eaten "Ninja curry udon" in which rice appears at the bottom of curry udon

Speaking of curry udon, it is a combination of two of "Japanese curry" and "Udon" which can be said to be the national food of Japan, it is exceptional in compatibility with warm curry soup and crispy udon noodles. If you eat such Curry Udon, you may feel that "Curry soup has been sour ... ..." or "I want curry soup and rice," but Himi noodles · hand-made soba "Deep taste"of"Ninja curry udon"As rice is spread over the bottom of the vessel, you can eat soup deliciously to the end.

The deep flavor of eating unknown curry udon that "curry udon despite being udon rice" is in Toyama city, Toyama Prefecture. The place is here.

The appearance of the store looks like this.

There are counter seats and table seats in the shop ... ....

The menu picture is stuck on the table seat wall.

A variety of savory curry udon is prepared, but those with rice are those with "Ninja" on the head of the product name.

In addition to curry udon, there seemed to be a bowl of rice bowls served in Morimori, so I ordered together.

So, curry udon arrived in about 5 ~ 10 minutes from the order. I ordered "Ninja deep flavor special curry udon (900 yen including tax)".

It looks like ordinary curry noodles, and the scent of curry soup flavored sweetly pours appetite.

The noodlesHimi UdonIs used, and the ingredients are beef · quail egg · leek · bamboo shoots.

So I will eat it at once. Scented street curry soup is sweet, and the balance of dashi and curry is also very good. However, since the spice feeling of curry is weak, it seems like "the taste of sweet potatoes that seems to be loved by young and old and young have worked" rather than "the adult flavor with spice turned on". Noodles are chewy and rich in texture, but they are not too hard or too rich, but exquisite chewiness. Because the soup is thick with noodles and soup often entangled, you can taste quite satisfying with this alone.

Beef with plenty of main ingredients. The compatibility of thick curry soup and beef is outstanding, plus the juicyness of the meat in the mouth at the timing "curry udon alone is not enough".

There are plenty of bamboo baskets, as well, a distinctive texture is accented.

The compatibility of green onion and curry soup which has been cooked until it is exhausted is also quite obvious.

Then, when you scoop out the bottom of the bite, rice appears. Rinse is spread over the bottom of the bowl so that it can not be distinguished from just curry udon if not told, ninja curry udon. Rice is suddenly appeared within eating, so this rice is just like a "ninja". The amount of rice is larger than I thought, and curry soup which tends to get lost as to whether it should be drunk or left should be cooked cleanly with rice.

I tried ordering "mega bowl (1000 yen including tax)" which I was particularly concerned in the menu pasted on the wall.

Compared with iPhone 6 this size feeling.

Two big shrimp heaven ... ...

One huge & thick fried shrimp crayfish.

Others, twice as shrimp heaven is an anago heaven that is likely to be long, squid's sky buried under it, sky, skies, kiss It is a heavenly bowl of rice and apples.

When eating mega bowls actually, plenty of tempura is served up anyhow, so satisfaction level is considerably high. The quality of tempura differs depending on the ingredients, and the shrimp top is somewhat larger in clothing ... ...

Anago heaven which is around 30 cm is tightly fitted and excellent compatibility with rice.

In addition, mega bowls are offered with plenty of tsuyu beforehand.

And even if it says anything, there was an impact, Kakeaki of white shrimp which is too huge.

The thickness is about 2, 3 cm.

In addition, Himi noodles · hand-side soba "deep flavor" business hours are from 11:30 to 15:00 (last order 14:30) on weekdays and from 17:30 to 22:00 (last order 21:30) on weekday evening, Day and congratulation from 11:30 to 22:00 (last order 21: 30). The closed holiday is Wednesday.

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