Bicycle "Vanhawks Valour" with backward sensor built in, handlebar built-in LED can navigate

Although we have to be careful when riding a bicycle in the city, it is a confirmation of safety with the vehicle coming from behind, but since the human being has no eyes afterwards, a blind spot that is difficult to verify arises by any means. Canadian manufacturerVanhawksBicycle developed by "Valour"It is a bicycle that can route navigation using the handlebar built-in LED by cooperating with smartphones by sensing such backward safety with the sensor built in the frame and sensing with vibration of the steering wheel.


Valour is a bicycle with cross bike atmosphere fitted with a flat bar handle. However, if you look closely, it can be said that from the fact that the frame is made of carbon, the shape of the frame close to the distance from the front tire, design processing of "seat stay" between the seat and the rear tire, etc., rather aeroroad bike You can feel something close to that. Brake front and rear are under SRAM affiliationAVIDAdopt disc brake.

A rear sensor that one of the major features of Valour is mounted around the rear tire. Two ultrasonic sensors sense an object approaching the area of ​​3 meters behind and 1.2 meters wide and vibrate the two vibration feedback devices built in the handle bar so that the danger is imminent for the rider It is supposed to let you know that you are.

In addition, the handle integrated with the stem also has multiple functions built in. A light is built in the center part of the front.

At the top of the handle bar, the rider has an LED indicating the direction of travel. When turning left, three LEDs on the left hand side of the steering wheel will light, so that the rider will be informed of the direction of travel.

It's like this when turning right.

If you misdirect the direction or go too far, both will light up and urge you to make a U-turn as follows.

In addition to sensors such as gyro sensors, acceleration / geomagnetic sensors, GPS sensors, Valour also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is a "smart bike" that can connect to the network by itself using these functions.

Utilizing these functions, we also manage running data by linking with smartphones ......

In addition to being able to navigate in conjunction with the map, it is also possible to perform the best route search using the latest data.

Moreover, connecting with the network using free street corner free Wi - Fi and Bluetooth, it will be possible to identify the current position even when it is stolen. If your Vapour is stolen, it seems that the search is started when you declare theft with the application.

Vapour is a bike that succeeded the past campaign with Kickstarter. Shipments to campaign contributors started in December 2015, and marketing is scheduled to commence in 2016.

Vanhawks Valor | First ever connected carbon fiber bicycle by Ali Zahid - Kickstarter

Vapour is accepting reservations for commercial models at the site, and the price is the most basic model for $ 1249 (about 150,000 yen). The body can be selected from 4 sizes, frames are available in black and white, rims (wheels) are available in three colors of red, black and white. A carbon belt is used for driving, the shift is a single type which does not have anomaly mechanism and a continuously variable transmission interior hub made of NuVinci rare in JapanNuVinci N 360It is possible to select an option of 250 dollars (about 30,000 yen) for the variable shift type equipped with " The disc brakeAvid BB 5Although it is equipped as standard, it is optional upgradeBB 7It is possible to choose $ 50 (about 6000 yen) additional.

Vanhawks | Bike Studio

Valor's shipment is scheduled for around February 2016. For shipping to Japan, a mailing cost of $ 150 (about 18,000 yen) is required separately.

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