Emulator for Mac "OpenEmu" newly supports 16 types of game machines including the original PS · 64 · WonderSwan

Emulates nostalgic game machines such as Nintendo Entertainment, Super Nintendo Entertainment, PC Engine, Mega Drive etc and makes it possible to play on PCGame emulatorIt is called software called. There are cases where the emulator needs to use different software depending on the game device, but there are cases where the "OpenEmuIt corresponds to multiple game machines. After that version of OpenEmu has been upgraded, we have added compatible gaming devices at a stretch as much as I thought it would be enough.

OpenEmu 2.0

PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega CD, and 13 other consoles come to OpenEmu 2.0 | Ars Technica

OpenEmu was compatible with NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo DS, Sega Saturn, Mega Drive, Super 32X, Virtual Boy, but with this update, 16 types of compatible devices Has been added. The added gaming devices are as follows.
· Atari 5200
· Atari 7800
· Atari Lynx
· Corecovision
· NES Disk System
· In-Television
· Odyssey 2
· Mega CD
· PlayStation Portable
· PlayStation
· PC engine
· Light speed ship
· WonderSwan

It is also a nice point that Japanese game machines such as PlayStation, PSP, NINTENDO 64, WonderSwan etc. have been added in addition to In Television and Coreco Vision released before the introduction of Nintendo.

BySameli Kujala

OpenEmu to import CD-based games into PCGitHub product pageIt is open now. In addition to increasing the number of compatible devices, this update also adds UI changes, real-time rewind functions, screen shots, more than 80 homebrew titles, etc. We plan to play games at the New Year's Holiday People worth trying ants.

Please note that "OpenEmu 2.0" version upgraded will work with OS X El Capitan or higher.

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