I tried eating "MOW (Lo Raisins)" which is a fragrant rum raisin and exquisite combo bursting of smooth vanilla

Speaking of staple of ice in winter, there are many people who think of 'rum raisins' which can enjoy the adult flavor with slight alcohol effect. Such ice cream of rum raisin taste from MOW of Morinaga Milk Industry "MOW Rum Raisins"Has appeared as. It is about goods sold at convenience stores only, but I tried to eat it quickly as to what kind of taste it is.

MOW (Mu) Lamb Raisin | Ice Cream | Product Introduction | Morinaga Milk

This is MOW rum raisin. A slightly elegant package design is a landmark.

Types of ice cream"Ice milk" of "milk solids content 10.0% or more out of milk fat content 3.0% or more" is classified. Raisin or rum for raw materials.

The calorie per cup is 282 kcal, and the protein is 3.4 g. MOW is also not using emulsifier and stabilizer to make use of the taste inherent in the material. The alcohol content derived from rum is less than 0.5%, but those who are vulnerable to alcohol are wary.

It is like this when you remove the outer package.

When I turned the lid I thought that plenty of raisins ... ... but the surface of the ice cream was white.

But it is obvious that it is very fragrant, not just vanilla ice before eating.

So I will eat it at once. Ice is softer than I had imagined and can easily be eaten with a spoon just like I can not imagine it has been stuck in the winter freezer all the time.

The appearance of the raisin was not found on the whole upper part, not only on the surface of the ice. The ice part is smooth with the tongue touch, and when put in the mouth is mixed with the refreshing fragrance of vanilla and rum, finished in a very elegant taste.

When eating further, the raisins emerge from the middle level.

Raisins are very fragrant, so when you eat with ice cream, the whole is scented at once, and the richness also increases with gun. Raisins is also a good point that you can feel the texture of a single grain firmly, a fruity but rich unique fragrance goes through your nose at the degree of chewing a raisin. Although it is not rich like Haagen Dazs, it is an impression that it is very elegant, fragrant and adult oriented ice cream.

I thought that the amount of raisins was not very much, and a lot of raisins were spread under the middle stratum.

In addition, 'MOW ram raisin' is a limited convenience store selling, suggested retail price is 150 yen per tax. As it is limited time sale, it may be good to have a lot of rum raisin lovers at this opportunity.

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