Anti-seismic bed specialized in protecting people from earthquakes with acrobatic defense method

When an earthquake occurs, it is important to take a safe and calm action, but if an earthquake occurs while sleeping, it may take time to swallow the situation and it may be impossible to make a correct judgment. Earthquake-resistant beds made by Chinese designer Wang Wenxi have the performance of protecting their lives from earthquakes even when people are sleeping, but the method is considerably acrobatics.

This 'earthquake-proof' bed looks utterly terrifying - Telegraph

In addition, it is understood well by seeing the following movie how the anti-quake bed made by Wenxi protects people in a way.

Lit anti-séiseme (Anti-EarthQuake Bed) - YouTube

Wenxi's invented bed looks something like this, except where bed frame is thicker than normal.

Looking at the bed structure, you can see that under the mattress there is something like a metal box.

When Gogogogogo and an earthquake occur ...

Both sides of the mattress are bent ......

Deformed into a U shape.

It will be sucked down as it is.

Pashari and upper part closed to the position of complete defense.

Even if the house collapses ......

It's safe if you are inside a quake-resistant bed.

In the bed there is something necessary to survive, such as water, first aid kit, oxygen mask and so on if you wait without rescuing until the rescue comes.

This is another type of seismic bed.

This earthquake-resistant bed is like a lid.

When an earthquake occurs, a sleeping person falls in a box with a stone ......

The lid closed with a pattie.

Another seismic bed is equipped with a canopy like thing.

Looking at the structure, it seems likely to be predictable what happens ... ....

This seismic bed does not drop people, the canopy falls and replaces the lid, it seems to be good for elderly people and sick people to refrain from intense movement.

This time we have a quite special shape bed.

I wonder if I can sleep in such a place, but the man is sleeping while sleeping.

When an earthquake occurs ...

The metal lid that was attached to the upper part of the bed will be closed in the manner of the hinge.

Even when it is completely closed, the gap is empty, so it seems easy for the rescue team to find out if you scream with a loud voice.

Wenxi in ChinaSichuan EarthquakeYaQinghai earthquakeWhen it happened, I thought that there was something I could do to reduce the number of victims caused by the earthquake, and I began to develop this seismic bed. However, suddenly the floor goes off while sleeping, I feel like being surprised than the earthquake.

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