Secret catalog of equipment used for spy investigation by eavesdropping and eavesdropping mobile phones leaked

Law enforcement agencies gathered equipment for conducting spy investigations in the United StatesSecret catalogIt leaked out. Independent web mediaThe InterceptOn the site released based on the leak information,Investigation method "Stingray" to gather information on smartphones impersonating mobile phone base stationsEquipment used for this is aligned with the slurry.

A Secret Catalog of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone

Behold, the catalog of cellphone spying gear the feds do not want you to see | Ars Technica

Numbers of spy equipment released by The Intercept can be viewed on the following special page. In all categories, 53 types of equipment are listed, and "Survey Equipment(measuring equipment)""Fixed Wing Geo-location (Manned)(Geographical position information measurement for manned fixed wing aircraft) "PGL Payloads on UAVs(Precise Position Information Measuring Equipment for Unmanned Unit Installation) "Ground Based Geolocation (vehicular)(For mounting geolocation information from the ground on vehicles measuring geographical location) "Direction Finding Systems(Radio wave direction detection device) ""Battlefield Data Recovery / SSE(Battlefield data acquisition system) "category.

The Secret Surveillance Catalog

In "Survey Equipment" (measurement equipment), there are devices for interception and monitoring of cellular phone and other communications.

You can find over 10,000 terminals and monitor the contents of voice callsDRT 1101 BIt is possible to conduct a spy investigation without being conscious of being intercepted by the opponent. DRT, which manufactures this equipment, is a subsidiary of Boeing, and the price of a device sometimes called "Dirt Box" is $ 78,850 (about 9.6 million yen).

DRT 1101B - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

As listed in "Fixed Wing Geo-location (Manned)" (geo-location information measurement for manned fixed wing aircraft), it is a device to be mounted on a manned aircraft and intercept communication.

"Typhoon" of a slightly old appearance is a piece of equipment to intercept GSM communication which is widely used in Europe and elsewhere. By installing it on the aircraft and transmitting and receiving radio waves from the sky, it operates as a GSM virtual base station covering a range of 5 km in the urban area and a range of 30 km in the suburb and it is somewhat sung in the catalog to enable interception of all communications . The price is 175,800 dollars (about 21 million yen), but since it is a GSM compliant device which is already becoming the old standard, equipment corresponding to the latest standard is also appearing.

Typhoon - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

"PGL Payloads on UAVs" (precision position information measuring equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles) is a lineup of equipment for carrying out spy activities on UAV (military drone). For some reason, price of all equipment of this genre is not listed.

"Twister - Firescout APG" is a device for intercepting multiple band GSM communication. As shown in the photograph, it is designed to be attached to the UAV fuselage and to perform the task. Manufacturers areNorthrop GrummanSo we can see that America's so-called military industrial enterprise is involved.

Twister - Firescout APG - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

"Ground Based Geolocation (vehicular)" (for mounting geolocation information from the ground) is gathered mainly for installing vehicles and collecting information.

"Spartacus II" is a standalone type PGL system (precision position information measurement system) that can operate alone. The price is $ 180,000 (about 22 million yen).

Spartacus II - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

In "Direction Finding Systems" (Radio Frequency Direction Detector), devices for specifying the transmission location of target radio waves are lining up.

"THORACIC" is a system that can be worn and carried around, it is a device that can detect without being noticed even in urban areas by equipping a small terminal and a type antenna that can be hidden in clothes.

THORACIC - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

Two models appeared in "Battlefield Data Recovery / SSE (battlefield data acquisition system)".

This device can extract any data such as telephone number registered from the target terminal, SMS transmission / reception content, calendar registration information, voice file, etc. It is used to extract the data from the terminal, to grasp the background of the person using the terminal and to clarify the whole picture of the organization to which the person belongs. The system of CELLBRITE is sold at a price of 9920 dollars (about 1.2 million yen) which is slightly less than 10,000 dollars, and seems to be able to receive support and maintenance at 900 dollars a year (about 100 thousand yen).

CELLBRITE - The Secret Surveillance Catalog

Please note that the layout of the above pages was what the Interceptor did independently. The original non-processed image can be viewed on the following page.

The Intercept

People who leaked this catalog to The Interceptor took actions concerning the warning of militarization in the law enforcement agencies in the United States. After 9/11 simultaneous terrorist attacks, it seems like a leak to disagree the situation where these devices used to execute military operations are being used in investigative agencies in the United States is. How far is the investigation to protect the public's safety, how to secure privacy, what kind of terrorism originally happened in the first place, etc It seems that a deep problem appears.

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