Open source project 'Libre Cellular' aiming to build a local 4G network at low cost

'LibreCellular ' is a project that aims to easily build a local

4th generation mobile communication system (4G) network using software developed in open source and inexpensive software defined radio equipment.

Welcome — LibreCellular 21.04 documentation

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LibreCellular Aims to Simplify Building LTE Networks with Open-Source --AB Open

LibreCellular is a project to build an LTE base station via a wired RF network by combining commercially available computer hardware and software defined radio, and the frequency assigned by companies and local governments in a limited space such as a building or site. It will be possible to build a 4G LTE network based on.

While the project itself is the initial stage, is a software radio suite of open source 4G and 5G of using the software radio srsRAN and, of open source 5G Core technology ' Open5GS ', Python-based OsmoGSMTester such as, a variety of open source projects It is built around the center.

Hardware configuration, Intel NUC single board computer, which is open source software radio ' LimeSDR ', RF front-end module ' LimeRFE ', GPS reference frequency generator . The total amount is about 1850 dollars (about 200,000 yen), and it can be said that it is quite cheap considering building a base station of a 4G network.

Operated as a low power consumption small cell operating in 1.4MHz and 3MHz bandwidth, LibreCellular basically supports only data communication. Support for voice calls is also planned in the future, and there is a possibility that it will support VoLTE via the conventional circuit switching network.

'We're making it as easy as possible to deploy your own 4G LTE network with LibreCellurar, a validated, free and open source solution,' said Andrew Buck of AB Open, a technology community consultant leading LibreCellular. In addition to doing so, we plan to publish the entire circuit design, script, test infrastructure and test results of the created hardware. '

It is legal to operate a mobile phone network if you have a license based on Ofcom 's Shared Access in the United Kingdom and (PDF file) CBRS in the United States.

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