I tried drinking a comeda coffee shop "Azuki Komachi (Azuki Komachi)" that I put tortoise and cookies in coffee

Dessert coffee who brought the Ogura Anna outstandingly to the blended coffee which is the signboard menu of the comeda coffee shop "Azuyama Komachi(Azuki Komachi) "has appeared on December 14 (Monday). Furthermore, as a new dessert in winter, "Nishio's rich green tea"Aomori Caraval"Snow white"Triple ChocolatFour kinds of cakes appeared, and I went to eat.

Dessert coffee that "Amatro. Karigoro." Appeared! New product · campaign | Coffee house comeda coffee shop

Arrived at Komeda coffee shop. I visited the shop on weekdays in the morning, but when I order a drink from opening to 11 am, it is freeMorning serviceThere are also times when many bicycles have stopped in the morning before the shop.

The shop front was not particularly noticing the signboard of the new product, but when we arrived at the table, the menu table of Ogura Komachi who did the azuki color ... ...

There was a menu of new cake on the reverse side. I will order it at once.

Ogura Komachi arrives in about 3 minutes to wait. This time I ordered "Ogura Komachi Fresh" (480 yen including tax) with milk. There is also "Ogura Komachi Whip" (540 yen including tax) with whipped cream in the coffee, and it is also possible to change it to "plump size" of 1.5 times as much as each with 100 yen plus.

It looks like blended coffee with no discrimination.

However, when scooping the bottom of the cup with a spoon, a large amount of azuki appeared from the coffee. It seems that the liquid part which was made into Toro Ogura 's toro seems to have melted in coffee, and solid beans are precipitated on the bottom of the cup.

As I drank it, I was surprised that the sweetness of cookie and the bitter taste of coffee surprisingly matched, finished in a drink that can be drank readily without discomfort. Because the liquid part of anko is blended in coffee, because the texture of the tongue is deeper than ordinary blended coffee, it is exactly what you call "desert coffee".

When you put in milk, the bitter taste of coffee, sweetness of coffee, richness of milk mix with exquisite balance, you can enjoy different taste from the previous time. However, since you are provided with coffee in the coffee from the beginning, you might feel that sweetness is strong if you are "who usually drinks without adding too much sugar to coffee".

Next, four new cakes in winter arrived. Each price is 410 yen including tax.

"Nishio's rich green tea"Matcha cake produced by Nishio from Aichi prefecture for sponge and cream and furthermore matcha chocolate of Matcha is sandwiched.

Matcha cream on the surface is overlapping many times, it looks like Mont Blanc.

Between green tea colored sponge and sponge, thinly sliced ​​raw chocolate is sandwiched.

When eating, the sweetness of sugar and cream envelopes the whole, and the bitter taste of matcha is modest so everyone is finished in easy-to-eat cakes. The sponge was a soft and soft texture like Castella, and the presence of raw chocolate was diluted.

"Aomori Caraval"Is a combination of mousse and sponge mixed with caramel sauce and topped with Aomori made apple.

The apple which cut to a large extent is rustling on the surface of the cake.

When you eat a bite, the sweetness and sourness of the apple are better than the flavor of caramel, and bitterness of slightly caramel is felt in the aftertaste. The mousse was a fluffy texture, the mouthfeel was light, it was a cake that one piece could be completely eaten.

"Snow white"Double cheese cake that cheese was used for both sponge part and rare part.

Powdered sugar is sprinkled on the surface.

Compared to the previous two items, the sweetness is modest, and you can feel the refreshing acidity of lemon from the rare cheesecake part. Because the sponge part was thick, the flavor of the cheese was not too much, it was just right balance.

Four items are three-layer structure of chocolate brownie, milk chocolate ganache, bitter ganacheTriple Chocolat".

Looking at from the side, three different kinds of chocolate fabrics are building a beautiful layer.

When I try to eat it, the chocolate dough mixes in my mouth, and it is as thick as raw chocolate. Overall, the texture is soft, but the chocolate cookies mixed in brownies are crispy and it is the whole accents. I can hardly feel the bitterness of cacao, and sweetness is intense anyway, so it is recommended when I feel like "I want to eat sweets of cotton candy!"

In addition, the timing of the end of sale of Azuki Komachi is undecided, and the four cakes are for limited time until the beginning of March 2016.

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