Creative talent can be demonstrated by distracted people

ByMari Paz Molina

When concentrating on things, the surrounding sound can not be heard, there may be appearance in fiction such as "There are lads who are genius ... ..." from the outfield, but the Northwestern University of America Conversely, the research showed the possibility that "creative people in the real world can not shut out external sounds".

Creative Genius Driven by Distraction: Northwestern University News

Franz KafkaYaJames JoyceIt is said to be a writer representing the 20th century along withMarcel ProustHe is familiar with loving earplugs to shut out noise and also arranging cork for soundproofing in the bedroom. According to the latest research by Northwestern University, some people who are said to be geniuses to demonstrate creativity often have "people who are greatly influenced by everyday" perceptual information ". Darya Zabelina, who studied that such people can not easily shut out perceptual information, it is to consciously incorporate the information of the outside world and merge it with the idea in the head to bring out creativity Said.

BySeth Sawyers

You can filter that the brain filters unnecessary informationSensory gatingIn this research, however,ERPSensory gating tests were done using the index P50. P50 is the evoked potential component that appears at latency around 50 ms (0.05 s) after stimulation.

Research was conducted on 100 subjects, asking subjects to report their own creative achievements using a questionnaire and ask them to conduct a test to measure creative cognitive ability and diverse thinking skills It was. The thought test was to have as many questions answered as possible within the time limit for several scenarios, and scores were given according to the number and content of answers.

At this time, the subject's creativity was measured with two indicators, "real world performance" and "point of thinking test done in the lab", but as a result of the investigation, It is related to the score of the test of the school, and it turned out that those who made various thoughts in the test have high information filtering ability.

On the other hand, it turned out that creative achievements in the real world are related to information leakage in sensory gating, that is, "it is impossible to completely shut out stimuli from the external world that occurs on consciousness". Of course, various ideas also have great influence on creativity, but it was shown that it is different from 'creative thinking processing'.

ByTsahi Levent-Levi

The results of this study showed that "information leakage" in sensory gating produces concentration against a wider range and that there is a possibility of picking up a lot of stimulus.

However, "information leakage" in sensory gating sometimes produces harmful effects, and Kafka says, "I need solitude in order to write things, not loneliness like a recluse, but loneliness like a dead man" Some people suffer to demonstrate their creativity because their senses are too sharp, as they are leaving the words.

In this research, it is not clear whether information leakage of sensory gating is characteristic of that person, or it depends on future tasks, and it is considered to be revealed in future research Yes.

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