Reading fiction improves cognitive performance

It is well known that touching fiction leads to enriching the imagination, but it is newly confirmed that reading fiction leads to improvement of human social cognitive performance.

Fiction reading has a small positive impact on social cognition: A meta-analysis --PubMed

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It's official! According to science, reading fiction makes you nicer. ‹Literary Hub

There have been several studies in the past that reading fiction is related to improving social understanding, cognition, and sympathy. In 2006, 'Reading fiction is a concrete social knowledge about people's behavior.' It leads to touching, and the reader can

guess the intention of people, so it is possible to improve people's social consciousness. '

Also, in 2013, 'Reading a literary novel allows people to infer the emotions and thoughts of the characters, so they will be able to perform more flexibly by interacting with real people.' Is also shown.

However, these studies had problems such as only the correlation being proved and the causal relationship not being proved, and the methodology of the investigation being questioned.

Now, David Dodell-Feder and colleagues at Harvard University have conducted a meta-analysis of 14 studies on this topic to see if each study's validity is causally improved from a higher perspective.

As a result, when comparing fiction reading with non-fiction reading and non-fiction reading, it became clear that fiction reading had a statistically significant effect on the performance of social cognitive ability. Dodell-Feder et al. Note that this result is powerful in sensitivity analysis and not the result of publication analysis bias.

'The relationship between fiction and social cognition is not yet completely clear,' said Dodell-Feder and colleagues, recommending that future research investigate the impact of fiction on real-world and everyday social functions. Did.

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